Friday, September 25, 2009

Manning The Brigades

We’ve arrived in Pittsburgh and will be at the lovely Rosemont Farm shortly for an elegant dinner. pittsburgh 2You might think the dress we arrived in looks a little like a house dress, but I assure you its lovely. I just wasn’t able to get off Air force one before Lady M and properly reflect it’s iridescent charm. Besides, it’s just for traveling. Wait till you see what we have for this evening!pitts arrival

But first there’s this: it wouldn’t be a G-20, (or even a G-8, going back just a couple of administrations) with out the global nut balls. Most of them think they’re saving the whales, and the rest just read Saul Alinsky’s book and know it’s going to be a good time.

Here’s a shot of the Pittsburgh ‘mob’ getting ready to confront the anarchists who came to party. When things got out of hand –as they always do with this crowd: Pittsburgh mob pitts rock thrower -

Officers fired pepper spray and smoke at the protesters. Some of those exposed to the pepper spray coughed and complained that their eyes were watering and stinging.

The ones who didn’t complain were too stoned to notice.

The street scene reminded me a bit of my last Middle East trip, what with all the wrapped heads and dark clothes. But again, it’s just one of those things the wacky anarchists like to do. Although oddly,I haven’t heard anyone saying they’re here to protest the president. Because in the Bush years, it was always about him.

But we made it past the mayhem in good time and arrived at the lovely Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden in Pittsburgh for a reception before our organic, locavore dinner.