Thursday, October 22, 2009

Does This Body Make My Head Look Big?

While I think MO has the Annie Hall thing nailed, I’m afraid Big Guy as Alvy just isn’t going to cut it - its just a little too creepy. I tried my best, but projecting Big Guy’s big head on Woody Allen’s frail little liberal frame is a no-fly zone. It could be that BO just isn’t right for the part of a whiney, neurotic New York Jew.

bo-annie obama copy

He might work better as a whiney, narcissistic Chicago Atheist, but anyone can typecast talent. Besides, Bill Ayers pretty much has that roll locked up.

rl stick This could still work out though. As you may recall, ‘fashion-forward’ these days does tend to favor the big headed look. So perhaps like other fads that look odd at first (shoulder pads and boob belts, for example) we’ll just adjust our sensitivities and accept BO’s disproportioned head for what it is: just another vacuous fashion statement. That way we can enjoy it while it’s here, knowing that it will be discarded in no time.



thalia1Regardless of anyone’s head size, I don’t think Lady M is going to want BO associating with that RL stick chick at all. Do you see how big her boobs are? And given the size of her feet, she might prove to be even more dangerous to dance with than Thalia (buy a last name, you little tramp).