Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking Good and Sounding Good for Leno

Mo breast cancer awareness It’s been a busy morning around here.  We had a meeting with breast cancer survivors early this morning. Lady M wore her little pink ribbon and listened to how these moms and grandmas were denied coverage for their cancers by Big Insurance. Under the circumstances, we were lucky to have so many survivors in attendance to tell their stories, don’t you think? I guess they must have gone to Cuba for treatment.We are just glad they are alive, and think the evil Insurance companies should just go away and let Nancy Pelosi decide how to handle medical treatment. She’s certainly had enough of it to be considered an expert around here.

Then Mo told the group how Big Guy’s health care plan will leave no victim behind, saying that:

enacting changes President Barack Obama wants would make a difference for breast cancer survivors, those living with cancer and anyone who may have the disease but not know it because they cannot afford to pay for a mammogram.

Although we can’t really promise that last part about the mammograms since the American Cancer Society now reports that screening for cancers such as breast and prostate aren’t that helpful after all. Certainly not for what it would cost the new National Health Care Plan to treat all those cancers. I mean, if you actually find cancer, patients are probably going to start demanding all sorts of treatments. Do you have any idea how much that would cost?

Since the BCS meeting wrapped up, we’ve had writers from 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm (who hasn’t?) running in and out, finishing up Lady M’s answers to JayL’o’s  rapid-fire question segment, "Ten @ Ten". She rejected the first round of answers: some were too politically incorrect, some were too racist and some just weren’t funny enough for her. We want to knock their socks off. You know - to give Jay’s ratings a little boost. I suppose ours could stand a little boost too, but that’s not why we’re doing the show. Anyway, the funny kids are still working on the answers and MO is practicing to make it sound like she just came up with them off the top of her intelligent head.

mo leno We do have to get to work pretty soon now on what to wear. We aren’t actually going to be on the set like we were last year when we wowed the crowd. But we’re doing a televised feed from the Big White, so the peeps at home won’t hardly know the dif.

The stylists have been stomping in and out between the comedy writers, pitching their clients clothes to MO as “puurr-fect for the show.” But Lady M hasn’t decided yet, so I can’t tell you which it will be. For sure, no more argyle and, as I told you, the bondage belt is no longer available.

I’m betting on a J.Crew outfit. It’s not too threatening and not too expensive: after all we’re in the middle of a depression that we inherited from George W. Bush. So, either the J.Crew or one of Franciso’s special creations designed just for Lady M – I mean, we are representing the Democrats American people, and want to look nice.