Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Living With Recession: It’s a Cinch

Want to know how you can tell we’re in the worst economic mess the country’s been in since the great depression? It isn’t because the deficit more than doubled since last year, languishing now around $1.4 trillion dollars (pre-healthcare, pre-second stimulus economic booster shot). It’s not even that Joey B shot his mouth off again - when we temporarily removed the gag - letting everyone know that the recession is now officially a depression.

No, silly. It’s because Lady M is being very frugal. Not only are we growing our own veggies (Which go for $24 a pound at the organic market. Regrettably we’ll have to pay that now that the growing season is over, unless we can build a White House greenhouse!), but we’re also recycling fashion accessories. For example, this morning we wore the same old boring black belt we’ve worn a thousand times before.

mo va belt 1 Here’s our new outfit that we wore it with today,

We headed over to the Veteran’s Affairs Department to thank all the hard working people over there for being proud of their country, even though their husbands haven’t been elected to the Presidency.

And here’s a zillion other times we’ve worn the same belt, starting on the campaign trail way last year!

You know, I hadn’t noticed this until now; but it looks like I need to get my trans-imaging lenses realigned. It looks like we’ve gained a little weight. And we know that’s not likely to be the case during a depression, so it must be me.

I hope you like this belt, because it looks like we’re stuck with it. Some jackass in the motor pool reinstalled the bondage belt in Bruno’s Hummer, so we won’t be able to cinch things up with that any more.