Saturday, October 24, 2009

Five Point Five @ Ten

I guess we’ve already done enough for J.Crew’s stock this quarter, so we went the designer-recycle route last night on JayL’o in our fav Thakoon floral dress.


And just stop, all of you. I can already hear it: “Did she snatch that table cloth out from under the vase of flowers behind her?” and “What’s up with the Halloween Death Bow on her left shoulder? Is it symbolic?” Even stupid Joey B weighed in with “Do you really think she should be wearing any designer with a “koon” in it?” – that’s not how you spell the bad word,Joey, you maroon.

mo thakoonCan we not cut a break here? It’s a very important designer dress, and we should get extra credit for recycling,



thakoon model and moas well as for imaginatively changing up the black tights and gloves for a black (signature) bow.





As far as the “rapid fire question round” of “Ten at Ten”, what a bust. Watch it if you must, but trust me, it was not Jay’s best effort ever. Stupid questions, and Mo’s writers were instructed by Toes to display a softer, gentler MO –  better for peddling healthcare porn later.

Here were MO’s original answers to Jay’s dumb questions, before we had to follow the “Good Housekeeping Gold Seal of Approval” script:

  1. What are Sasha and Malia dressing up as for Halloween?   The H1N1 virus and Nurse Ratchet
  2. Who disciplines the kids more, you or the President?  To be honest, we’ve both been focusing on Bo lately. He gets all we-weed up just like they do over at FOX. I just hope we can break him of that habit so we won’t have to ban him from the White House too.
  3. Can you name all 6 Brady bunch kids in 10 seconds? Sure, but did you notice that all of them were white?
  4. What do you whisper to the President after one of his great speeches? TOTUS did a good job that time, honey.
  5. What’s on your iPod? Well of course I still have all of Barack’s speeches, as well as all of Ludacris’ wonderful Raps, especially “Obama is Here
  6. Would the President rather have world peace or the White Sox win the World Series? Ha, ha ha. You’re kidding right,Jay? “White” Sox? You crack me up.
  7. Have you ever been nervous meeting someone for the first time, if so who? Nervous? No, not really, but Carla Bruni did elicit some other strong emotions.
  8. What’s the President’s most annoying habit? Well, I don’t really like it when he brings TOTUS into the bedroom. Other than that he’s perfect.
  9. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Standing next to Carla.
  10. How did you celebrate Bo’s (the dog)  birthday? We let him poop on Air Force One.