Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out FOXed

I know most of you just assumed that Rahmbo and Axe-man were behind Big White’s ban of Big FOX. But if you take a close look at this picture it might explain who’s really pulling the strings around here.

You’ll note that I’m standing on the left, projecting Lady M’s extraordinarily svelte silhouette. However some jackass from FOX slipped behind my security zone line and snapped this photo, clearly revealing the bottom heavy nature of my super-secret work.

motus with mo bulky copy

Before the Secret Service could confiscate his chip he’d already uploaded it and now it’s been blasted all across the internet.

I’m meeting with Toes later today to discuss some language we might want to include in the “Net Neutrality” regulations that are being drafted over at the FCC.

PS If you want to see vintage footage of my buddy TOTUS on that non-supportive media channel before net neutrality takes him down, click here.