Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hope For Polls We Can Believe In

Stop already with the “Hillary is more popular” than Big Guy talk. We have enough to deal with around here without these incessant polls proving how racist Americans really are. If this keeps up, MO is not going to be proud of her country again.


We know that millions lots of you out there wanted to vote for Hillary. And you could have if she had won the primary. But thanks to the Chicago Diversity-in-Voting-Effort, funded and administered by ACORN,  Rahmbo and Ax-man were able to bus half the windy city homeless dudes into Iowa for the caucus, clinching it for Big Guy. The rest is history. 

I love Hillary, and would have been proud to serve her again, this time as MOTUS to POTUS instead of FLOTUS (assuming we could have worked something out on her cankle issue that didn’t involve cutting my legs off again) But apparently you all wanted “Change You Can Believe In.”

So the way I see it, these poll results make no sense what-so-ever. Big Guy is working hard to ram through deliver the change you thought you could believe in last year when you still had a job and a house.

So buck up. BO’s delivering on what he promised and Hillary’s perfectly happy carrying Senior Secretary of State Richard Holbrook’s briefcase. Besides, we’ve already seen the Bill and Hill show and while it was fun it was, well, so ‘90’s.

clintons1 Time to move on to something a little more progressive, don’t you think?

US Obama DogIt’s refreshing to have a Nobel Peace Prize winner in the oval office who can use all the latest electronic devices. And who can minimize the benefit to the free world having a fashion forward first lady at the helm provides?

So let’s be a little more circumspect when you respond to those racist polls next time, OK?