Sunday, October 11, 2009

“Dude, Her Head’s Bigger Than Her Pelvis!”

There’s been a flap in the fashion world over the photo of a Ralph Lauren model looking particularly emaciated, even for a model. Initially the RL group denied any photo-shopping of the pic, and threatened to sue anyone using the image.

However, after further “investigation” they apologized for doctoring the photo and promised to do better in the future.

The only “investigation” required was  a good look at the photo: original



see? Her head is bigger than her butt. I know that this is not anatomically impossible, but you generally don’t see it outside the field of politics.






But the second “investigative” technique required to determine if this photo of a model with a waist circumference smaller than her hat size was digitally “enhanced” is called “zoom”. If you blow it up, you can see some funny hard edges where pixels used to be. When Leggo size pieces are missing,  it’s usually considered confirmation.

But we guess RL had to get a legal team together to investigate the hateful allegations - which were undoubtedly based on racism anorexism – before acknowledging what it might have been a misguided artist’s rendering of a female-like extoskeleton.

Which, while an interesting story, merely serves to illustrate how inferior computer enhancing techniques are to my NASA developed nano-light-enhancing-refraction technology.

Behold my trans-imaging powers compared to mere Photoshop:

alltheway original

I think you see why I’m invaluable around here.   I finally got Rahmbo’s attention with this demonstration,and he gave me my first policy assignment. I’m working on the deficit resulting from Big Guy’s Healthcare plan.

H/T Boing Boing