Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Para Bailar LO Bama,

Seriously, is there anything happier than Latino music? Salsa, merengue –hot, hot, hot!  Yesterday was Fiesta Latina night at La Casa Blanco, and there was a lot of singing and dancing.

 latina3George Lopez, Eva Longoria and Jimmy Smits

But first, I should mention that this big event took place “under the stars” on the South lawn. Well, actually under a big top. And while I’m sure the imagery of Mo and Bo having a “big tent” party will play well, I’m just hoping all their new Latin BFF don’t find out that the first two events in Lady M’s music series – jazz and country – were both held in the East Room. INSIDE the Big White.

But I tell you what, if the Latin beat doesn’t get you on your feet, you’re either comatose or British. Big guy, being neither - that we know of - was up on stage dancing the night away. I know, I know - he clearly got his rhythm from his white grandma. All the more reason to give him kudos for sashaying his booty around with JLo (the bitch), Mo and the girls while Thalía  sang “Amor a la Mexicana.”

mo JloAs you can see, Lady M was radiant in her black top festooned with little gold squares. But I wished she had gone with something a little, well, hotter.  More like the one she wore to the Hispanic Caucus Awards Dinner. Although it might just be the big red globe that made it look hot.
mo latina latin world
Here’s another shot of the big tent out on the lawn: latino1
By the way, that’s Sheila E. on the left. She used to be the sidekick of the artist previously and currently known as Prince. He could give Lady M a run for her money in the “best toned biceps” department. And that boy knows a thing or two about bling too.
prince toned bicepts michelle arms
All the guests raved about the event, with the only teensy-tiny criticism coming from Jose Feliciano  who said the concert was good, but Latin performers should be “part of the whole,” not just trotted out for Hispanic heritage month. Specifically, he said  “… the only time that Latinos are called upon is when the elections are around,” But that’s obviously not true, since Big Guy isn’t going to need them again until 2010.

Besides, I think Jose is biased. I happen to know for a fact that he played a gig here during the Reagan administration.

But over all, great party: great food, fun pink and green drinks, and music to die for. Huge, huge success: the grounds crew is still cleaning up confetti.