Friday, October 16, 2009

On the Freedom Trail

Yesterday was just crazy.

First we headed down to Miami-Dade College to speak at the Freedom Tower about the value of service. In case you don’t remember, the Freedom Tower, a national historic landmark, was used in the 1960s by immigration officials to process thousands of refugees fleeing the Cuban revolution. But that was before we knew what a great historic leader Fidel was.

mo miami2

The gist of Lady M’s speech was to let kids know that it’s becoming increasingly cool among today's youth to be involved in public service. She told them how much she sacrificed by leaving her big time job at a law firm to work for the public interest. But she expressed her concern over how to harness that interest over the long-term. You know, like after they grow up and need to move out of mom and dad’s basement:

“How do we counter those voices that tell them, ‘Well, if you don't get paid a lot money for what you do, then maybe what you do really isn't that valuable.’  Or voices that say, ‘Well, that's awfully nice that you want to do service, but when are you going to get a real job?,’” she asked.

I can’t really answer that, other than to say that from what I can tell all the former presidents and first ladies can make a lot of money after they leave the Big White.

Anyway, right after that pitch, we flew up to Elgin Air Force Base in Pensacola Fort Walton Beach (the red-neck Riviera for those not familiar) (Correction H/T to MOTUS fav Adrian Monk) to address military families. It was way hotter there. Apparently the military can’t afford air conditioning, what with their funding being diverted to the Charlie Rangel School for his defense fund and other important projects. The paramedics had to treat a few people for heat exhaustion, and even Mo commented on how hot it was. She also shed her lavender J.Crew sweater from earlier in the eglin Let’s be honest, everyone came to see her toned arms anyway, and she –like the trooper she is – didn’t let them down. See. It isn’t always about her.

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