Friday, March 12, 2010

How High?

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about whether – as appears to be the case in this photo –  Big Guy wears wife-beaters.

wife beater

the Hanes classic: 

wife beater 

All I can tell you is that this was more than a courtesy call on Claire McKaskill. Sure, Big Guy went to help her raise more money for her re-election campaign. But the real reason for the visit was to tell her about the looming foreclosure on the Louisiana Purchase.

I'm going to need that money back Claire I’m going to need that money back, Claire.

I know she’s wearing pink, but still, sometimes you  have to strong- arm the Dems: you know, to get your message out? They don’t like to give the money back.

So OK, I see Big Guy’s suspicious shadow lines. Sheeze, now I’m supposed to be dealing with VPL’s on POTUS too? Haven’t I enough to do around here? Besides, I tend to think those shadow lines are an optical illusion. Ask yourself: would you wear a wife beater if this was the wife?


 Picture 18 


Ok, Ok: Big Guy wears wife-beaters. But it’s really more of a hopey-changey thing. Ask yourself: if there’s any beating going on around here, who do you think is going to be the beat-ee?




                                                       How high, hon?