Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scary Movie Night

Big Guy cancelled his Pacific trip after watching the premiere of Pacific in the Big White theatre with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.


Seeing it on the big screen with popcorn made it all too up close and personal. For the first time in his life, Big Guy realized they don’t like us.They really don’t like us!

610x kick the bum out not a pro-bo rally indonesian  terror team NOT a pro-BO rally

Hint to all you tea party people out there who don’t want our healthcare takeover rahmed up your a*#: get a hold of Spielberg and have him make your case for our big screen. Maybe Big Guy will finally believe you really, really do feel that way about his grand idea. Oh, and bring your own popcorn. Lady M doesn’t allow that around here anymore: too much salt.

michelle-obama-sesame-street-psa All natural, organic veggie friendly Big White: hold the butter and salt.