Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It’s Either a Glass Ceiling, Or the Roof is Missing

We couldn’t find a single thing to wear this morning that would look good with any of our favorite  boob belts (although that’s not generally a consideration), so we had to go with this old Lanvin thing that we wore in Oslo last year. It was a magical morning, though. A special celebration for International Women’s Day. It must be another holiday for the little people, because around here, every day is women’s day.


Sheeze - If this is the best Big Guy can do when instructed by Lady M to “Look at me adoringly,” it’s no wonder he hasn’t rustled up enough votes for his healthcare bill yet. Not really his fault though, he’s really more accustomed to having people gaze adoringly at him.


I don’t know what it is: the new ‘do, a pound here or there, or maybe the missing signature brooch we wore in Oslo – but somehow the dress just didn’t seem to work quite as well today. When this happened with my former FLOTUSes, I would just ask them “did you lose weight?” and they’d know to look for something else to wear. But it doesn’t usually work with MO.



Anyway, today both Lady M and Big Guy spoke to the assembled props: Lady M first, of course (it was International Women’s Day, after all.) When it was Big Guy’s turn, he had a special acknowledgement for his Secretary of State: “Women like Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, throughout her career, has put millions of cracks in America's glass ceiling…”. I’m here to tell you that’s not the only glass she’s put cracks in, but I don’t like to speak out of school. Besides, when Hil was here most of my fractures were due to objects whizzing past Bubba’s noggin.



But I know what you really want to know: why the hell is Desi still hanging around the Big White?

desi does

Well, for starters, did I mention that it was International WOMEN’S Day? And apparently we still don’t have all of those security check point issues ironed out. But thanks to our new body scanners, I can tell you she wasn’t packin’.



 kerry and maddy

Kerry Washington and Maddie. Kerry seems surprised to see Desi here too.


Katharine McPhee came to sing for the celebration. I’m not sure, but it looks like she’s been rooting around in Lady M’s “last season” closet too. I don’t know if her voice is high enough to break glass ceilings, but even if she can’t I think Kitty Mac would be a good fit for our Team.

I’m just glad we got through this women’s event without anyone mentioning “Sarah-Cuda.” Because that’s one shattered glass ceiling we don’t believe in.