Monday, March 15, 2010

Big White Tea Party Today

Since there wasn’t much going on around here this weekend (unless you’re interested in the horse whipping of House Democrats, but I’m not permitted to talk about that), I decided to do a little research into new fashions presented at this season’s fashion shows by some of Lady M’s favorite designers (dead or alive).

I think you’ll like what I found, and will agree that they’ll be absolutely fabulous for MO.

Here’s a little something from Alexander McQueen’s house (may he rest in peace). I like to call this “the Red Queen,” and think it would be perfect for the signing of Obamacare into law later this week.



This one I really like, but think it might make a better dust ruffle for the Lincoln bedroom four poster- although I suppose that will ensure it finds its way into MO’s power rotation.







commes de gacon Now this one is from Desi’s favorite designer, Commes de Garcon, and as you can see, it’s a new twist on the ever popular boob belt theme.  How I wish I had that type of insight and talent! Not that I’m unhappy with my current position.

This look used to be called “matronly droop.”






Ah! Now we’re talkin’! The full border guard ensemble from our fave, Moschino. This will be great for when we finally get around to signing our Amnesty bill into law!

And wait till you see what I found for the signing of the Cap and Tax bill! Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel - not one of our current favorites, but he may be soon. This is a little something from his Paris “The World Is Melting” show:

karl's yeti 

The Red Panda, aka the Full Yeti: Note, NOT Wookie!

Karl brought in huge blocks of ice and let them melt all over the runway, to give his clients a full appreciation for a global warming meltdown. I guess he didn’t get the Climategate memos.Or, like the MSM, he already had the whole show  planned and didn’t feel like changing the script.  And what a spectacular show it was! And look how prescient my design for Lady' M’s Darth Vader look was:






another condi entry neo-mo-whip watermark

By the way, the bull whip won the fashion accessory contest handily. Although we did rack up a respectable number of votes for my favorite, nunchucks.

Fashion really is a dog-eat-dog business: it’s a lot like politics, only not as vacuous.

I’ve got to run now, we’re having a tea for any of the holdouts in Congress who haven’t agreed to sell their souls for Obamacare yet. On second thought, a tea party probably isn’t exactly the best idea. But the bull whip might come in handy.

neo-mo-nunchucks copy

Update: a late surge in absentee ballots indicates that the nunchucks actually won the accessory contest (yeah!). Just as well, it looks like we can use them at our tea party too.