Monday, March 15, 2010

Did America Fall Into The Rabbit Hole?


White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane

Lady M loved the Red Queen ensem! And she mentioned that she’d just seen on Huffpo that “Alice In Wonderland” is still tops at the the box office, despite lousy reviews. I haven’t seen the movie yet, and probably won’t, since I’m living in it.

Just one little problem: off the runway model the dress required quite a bit of additional fabric to contain Lady M’s, uh, royal rear. But with a little help from my backup circuits, I think it turned out quite nicely. What do you think? (Hair and makeup by some of Lady M’s little people, so I can’t take credit for that.)

 mo-red queen-watermark crop

dior mad hatter

Big Guy was feeling left out, which happens a lot when MO is on stage, so with a nod to Dior’s hit from the runway show last week, I pulled together an accompanying outfit for BO to wear for the signing of our historic Obamacare bill later this week.

They liked the outfits so much,they’re wearing them to the Mad Tea Party with the House recalcitrants this afternoon.

See now much fun high fashion is? What do you think of my take on it for Big Guy? He needed a little help with the makeup, but Toes did a pretty good job.

big guy madhatter-watermark cropMad Hatter, March Hare, Red Queen: Can Obamacare be far behind?

We are so ready for Easter! And I didn’t even now the O’s believed in the Resurrection. Feed your head.