Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little Spring Tonic

Yesterday I thought Lady M had a hangover from the big St. Patrick’s Day party Wednesday night, but it turns out that she was just sulking about missing the media Correspondent's Dinner, which Desi scheduled for the same night. That dips**t couldn’t pack up and get out of town soon enough.

st fatrick's day

So there we are, stuck at Big White celebrating a dead white Irish guy who drove the snakes out of Ireland into Congress, and Joey B - a white Irish guy from Congress -joeyb  is over at the celebrity media dinner yucking it up with our people. Just another one of the endless sacrifices we have to make in order to run this country into the ground.



rahmboThe rest of Big Guy’s rat pack looked like they all had hangovers yesterday though. Here they are in the Rose Garden where BO signed a new HIRE jobs bill. I think it provides free root beer floats for 3 years to anyone who lost their job. Did you know that root beer was originally a medical tonic? This might help us with the cost of our Obamacare plan too.

 harry valjar

nancy Honestly, it looks like they’re all at a funeral rather than another joyous historic bill signing. They really have to lay off the sauce. At least through the weekend while we all hunker down and rahm through Obamacare. Because Papa Doc Barack knows what’s best. And he’s prescribing root beer floats for everyone.