Friday, March 19, 2010

Gerard Heats Up Penthouse

If you haven’t read Vanderluen’s post “Baring All for Climategate: I’m in Penthouse this month...”, you should hop on over and read it. Sorry, this is the only picture though, and apparently they don’t have a “centerfold”. Or at least Gerard isn’t it.


Gerard has been a big help to me and my blog. Remember my first Big Award? It’s right over there on the right: “American Digest Bestest New Blog Of The Week”.

So I thought, maybe I can return the favor and help him find a good centerfold. After all, my hard drive is jam-packed with images. But when Raj showed me the “centerfold” in Joey B’s most recent issue of Penthouse, I didn’t think I had what he was looking for. I knew Lady M in a Boob-Belt wouldn’t be right. Or Lady M in anything, let along nothing. Then I found this from last year’s Neo-Pagan, Summer Solstice Celebration.


 Algore Offers Carbon Credits To Gaia

I think it’s perfect. Scary, but perfect.