Sunday, June 27, 2010

“Best In Show” At G-20, Eh?

And I thought this G-20 was going to be dull. Nobody told me they were going to do a special edition of the “Toronto Intern Show” featuring the world’s G-20 interns.


“Toronto G-20 Intern Show”: Best Of Breed” Winners

I got there late, so they were already done judging the “Best Of Breed” and were half way through the “Best Of Group.


Reacting to Judges Or Audience is Verboten

The interns had to be judged, sans handlers, and some of them were a little hesitant. Those of you who are familiar with Westminster and similar shows know that points are lost for straying from the “go-around” path, reacting to judges or the audience, or begging for treats. 

2 These Interns Perform Flawlessly Without Handlers

After closely inspecting the teeth and haunches, the judges called for a few go-arounds, then selected the “Best Of Group.”

best of group  “Best Of Group” Winners

It’s always hard for me when they cut someone, because they are all so cute. But it is a competition, not an exposition, and only one can win.

The “Best In Show” competition calls for the utmost in discipline. Without handlers to keep the contestants focused and reward good performances with treats, even the most highly trained interns can falter, especially when on a stage so prestigious.

9 First “Best Of Show” Go-Around

The judges for the “Best In Show” are all highly qualified, completely focused and know exactly what they are looking for. Although, Nicky might get his truffles trimmed when Carla sees these pictures.

bo intern-2  American & French Judges Request An Inspection of Haunches

After several go-arounds and a special inspection of haunches request, the “Best In Show” winner was announced: Pierre Boutet from Yellowknife, NT.

Best In show g20 copy “Toronto G-20 Intern Show”, “Best In Show”: Pierre Boutet

And believe me when I tell you, nobody was happier than Big Guy.

pierre boutet copy