Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Puh-leeze, Just GAGa Me With A Spoon!

Ok, this one hurts. Our polls are in the crapper, our “Purple Gang” leaders are talking about giving our Social Security shekels to the greedy capitalist pigs on Wall Street, our amnesty plan is DOA, our Crap & Tax is on life support, MO is “under wraps” and now this from MTV: “Lady Gaga Surpasses President Obama In Facebook Fans!” 

  s-OBAMAGAGA-large Goo Goo Doll & Gaga

Yup, Gaga = 10,237,352 fans, Big Guy = 9,624,398 fans (July 3, 2010, 9:35AM).

And, just to add salt to the wound, MTV reports that LadyG

“...also continues to spank Obama in Twitter followers (4,762,938 to 4,422,923) and YouTube subscribers (311,716 to 191,562).”

OMG, the pain doesn’t stop there! Big Guy even got his tail whipped by this Guy (Family Guy = 10,398,534 fans):

familyguy_1024 Go Figure!

Although Big Guy does identify with Stewie, the “diabolically clever baby whose heterosexuality is hanging by a thread.”


A message from Barack Hussein Obama: “I’ve got you Facebook Fans right here!”

I know she’s sweet and popular and everything and a big Yankees fan, but people, PUH-LEASE!

3 We’re #Won

You all know how thin skinned Big Guy is, so I don’t think he’s going to take this lying down.

Big Guy Gaga’s Callahan, McCain and Clinton

Lady M on the other hand, is almost catatonic. No, not because LadyG spanked her man, but because MO’s Facebook numbers are running an almost 9 million fan deficit  to Gaga’s. I don’t think even the Congressional Budget Office can turn that into a surplus – unless we pass an appropriations bill.

Let’s see if we can noodle out exactly why Lady M’s numbers are so low. Here are some pictures from the respective Ladies’ walls:

Here we see the Ladies at work:

28614_10150201137475578_22092775577_12763350_1402773_n 7624_1216131638340_1080311608_683703_6901625_n

Our Ladies show affection for their mates:

30114_10150205495005578_22092775577_12894218_1059250_n 7624_1216173879396_1080311608_683982_5330228_n

Our Ladies wear white:

25182_10150171191710578_22092775577_11999570_4782420_n 03IN_GRAMMY_AWARDS__138492e

6 25182_10150171204275578_22092775577_11999800_109340_n

Our Ladies in Blue:

mo-blue1 blue2

Our Ladies have pets:

29864_10150193106980578_22092775577_12528153_3377851_n 9128_101071423244366_100000245266681_29794_987807_n

Our ladies play nice with others:

mo-on stage2 7624_1216178599514_1080311608_683987_6655840_n

I don’t really see any big issues here.

I could use some help figuring out how to boost Lady M’s numbers, but I’m not really concerned about Big Guy’s: Toes has tweeted his SEIU “Purple Gang” thugs, who will be crawling all over Gaga’s concert venues. Her numbers will be falling in line soon (behind Big Guy) or there may be an unfortunate accident involving electrical wires and platform spikes. Again.

gaga fallsDon’t tase me, bro! Now we see the practical purpose of the leather chaps

And regarding Lady M: maybe it would help if she stopped riding Lady Gaga’s fans fat behinds about eating too many sugary, fatty delicious treats. Maybe then the tweens would be “Starstruck” with Lady M instead of Gaga, and we’d be back in “The Money Honey.”

After all, didn’t Madonna (the first of the “Our Lady” cache) Cyndi Lauper (correction HT: Madame DeFarge)teach us that “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?