Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who Will Watch the Watchers?





Have you noticed how we’ve successfully banned photographers from many of our fun outings lately? No pics at Mario’s pizza parlor in L.A.,  only cell phone snaps from the Lakers game (note to SS: no cell phones allowed in the private suites next time, OK? They make us look a little jaundiced).

lakers celtics

No pictures from the private tour of Disneyland California Adventure, no pictures from the billionaire’s estate on the ocean, no official pictures from the Mary Poppins outing (again, SS: hello! we need a cell phone free zone!), no pictures of us departing Friday night for Camp David. I, of course, have some excellent images captured on my hard drive, but as you know I take my sworn oath of allegiance and non-disclosure kind of seriously.

OK, we did get some official snaps of the return trip last night, and maybe it partially explains the dearth of photos lately, but there’s really a lot more to it than meets the eye.



return with bullits

The official White House response will be that this partial press ban is just to shield the Wee Wons from the glare of the paparazzi. Don’t buy it. It’s actually an exercise to demonstrate that, if we chose, we can, and will, shut down the Press Corpse. Like when we ditched them to go to Malia’s soccer game. And again, in Canada at the G8/20, to go golfing. You know that special salute Big Guy likes to give  to people he considers to be idiots ?


Well, it’s sort of like that - only it’s the “free press” version. It’s  for those who haven’t noticed, or just don’t quite get it: ‘We ARE the ones you’ve been waiting for.” Although, in the case of the loyal opposition, that’s actually “We are the Wons you’ve been watching for.”

So I’m just warning you. It’s summer and it’s hotter than Hades here in Washington. And we all know what happens when the thermometer shoots above 85:  bitter clingers start showing antipathy towards people who aren’t like them, cops start acting stupidly and everyone else gets all wee-weed up.

So on this 4th of July – this most quintessential of American holidays – when we celebrate the founding of our Republic and the freedom and liberty it has inferred on each and every one of its (legal) citizens,  let us pause and reflect on our Founding Fathers handiwork:

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights 


These founding documents were designed and declared with full knowledge of human nature and complete understanding of the soul’s tendencies. The result was the formation of a more perfect union which has stood the test of time in no small part due to the wisdom of these founders who crafted a near sacred separation of powers within the government they created.  Let us honor their courage, their genius and their foresight.

And for our part, let us be ever vigilant against those who would impinge on that greatness by opening the very gates that hold tyranny at bay.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?