Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dreidel-Dee and Driedel-Dum



OK. Yesterday never happened. Sometimes your only option is to reboot, and sometimes you lose what you’re working on when that happens. Thankfully that’s the case for me. And from my perspective that “tea” in the Yellow Oval Room yesterday never happened. And since Lady M never publically referred to Lady S as “Sara-Juda” I’m going to declare victory and leave.

Today I think will be more manageable. Nothing on board other than one of our usual Federal Agency Appreciation Tours. We’ll be there to bolster their spirits and thank them for doing such a wonderful job of - uh, uh - where is it we’re going today again? Oh yes, Treasury - what a wonderful job they’re doing printing and collecting money. More for us to spread around. Hugs! Big smiles. More hugs, and then on to lunch (closed press). I’m hoping that will satisfy your curiosity about Lady M's comings and goings because I’m not sure I’m up to photos today. Maybe later.

Do you know what the world really needs – besides world peace? A  tincture that could be applied to your hard-drive that would sooth, coat and calm all of those upsets of your internal drivers – kind of like the Maalox of circuit boards.  Any bio-techno-chemists out there? I’m thinking something along the lines of a W-D 40 for the electronic gizmo world. You’d be a gazillionaire. At least until the people from Treasury find out about you.

wd-40 bismo copy 


Susan SherSusan Sher, Mo’s Chief-of-Staff 

But I digress. I’m a professional, I can press on. The Bibi and BoBo summit went very well. The summit, by the way, was called because Susan Sher, Lady M’s chief of staff AND the White House liaison to the Jewish community, told Big Guy he had to get in there and make nice with Israel since Americans of the Jewish persuasion were starting to get really ticked off. And November is looming large. Not that Jewish-Americans can carry the elections for the Dems (that’s a job for illegal aliens - you know, doing jobs that other Americans are unwilling to do) but now that Wall Street contributors have bailed on Democratic candidates, we really need their money. In order to buy the votes we do need.

So both men acted as if they liked each other and nothing what-so-ever could possibly be wrong. Kind of like a John and Elizabeth Edwards press conference.  Big Guy is like 1000% behind our BFF Israel, and we can wait till later to discuss how Israel might respond to Iran’s nukes, or the sucker play pulled by the flotilla of “peace” delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, or the Israelis ongoing building of settlements in their own territory. Everything’s fine, nothing to see or discuss here, move along.

joey Bibi bobo Joey, Bibi and BoBo

Then we had lunch. What’s your guess: Halal or kosher?

OMG! Something’s going haywire again. Where did this come from!!!!!

sara mo

I’m losing power. Call Raj