Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Obama picks Yahoo. Google snubbed this time.

I cannot believe he’s coming back after the way we treated him last time – not even a brown bag lunch -  but the Prime Minister of Israel is coming to make nice with Big Guy today. And guess what? Lady M invited his wife Sara to come for a special visit to the Big White too!

Finally, a political wife who might actually make MO look good by comparison. I’m not talking physically -  that could be a draw - I’m talking on the “angry” wife/woman front.


It seems that Sara may be the one who put the ‘yahu’ in Netanyahu. Apparently she’s a bit of a whack job. There have been allegations that she is ill-tempered and verbally abusive, has thrown shoes at the hired help and once (allegedly) fired a nanny for burning a pot of soup. But if that’s the standard we’re going to use, well, let’s just say Lady Yahu doesn’t have a corner on the  “whack job” market just yet.

looks like Joran's mother Some people say that Lady S bears an uncanny resemblance to Yurin(e) Van der Sloot’s mother

Here are some of the actual complaints against the lovely Lady Sara:

She reportedly demanded that (the housekeeper) take several showers a day and bring four changes of clothing with her "to maintain maximum sterility and not pollute the house."

The paper also claimed Sara Netanyahu forced (the housekeeper) to work on the Jewish Sabbath and once called her at 2 a.m. in the morning to complain about ill-fitting pillow cases.

The latest scandal echoes similar accusations made against Sara Netanyahu in the 1990s when her husband was prime minister for the first time.

Mrs. Sara Netanyahu (as she likes to be called) has a lot in common with Lady M beyond the yelling-at-the-staff thing: they’re both World-Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Moms,™ and both are accomplished professional women. Lady S is a psychologist (figures) and former flight attendant. So she’s got that going for her. And she also shares Lady M’s interest in observing physical exercise performed by others:

Vice President Joe Biden Visits Israel -2_JmqcKJpDl

Lady S with Dr. Jill Biden (she isn’t a real doctor, but she does have an advanced degree in Education!) at Jerusalem YMCA last March

jill sarah 

I figure living with Lady S should be good training for Bibi, on several fronts: getting used to sneak attacks from Hamas in Gaza, Hezbolla in Lebanon and, soon, nuclear Iran. It also might help in dealing with our historic leader when he throws one of his snits.


I can’t wait for our high tea this afternoon with the Ladies S & M. This could be fun: I think MO may have finally met her match.