Friday, July 9, 2010

One Leak We Did Plug

OK, let me get this out of the way right up front:


As you know, I’ve been on assignment here at Big White imaging and projecting our nation’s First Ladies since the Reagan administration. And I think I’ve done a pretty darned good job of remaining apolitical in what seems to become a more and more partisan milieu with each incoming administration.  

And while I’ve seen my share of marital spats (Bill and Hill) and  POTUS/FLOTUS snipings at the VPOTUS/SLOTUS (Bill and Hill again, but then, who could blame them) I must say I’ve never heard any of my FLOTUS-es trash-talking their predecessors or successors even in the family chambers, let alone publically. It’s simply not done.

So what am I to do, now that someone with a really big mouth  leaked Lady M’s snarky comments about Laura to that nosey National Examiner?  In MO’s behalf I can say this:


She has issues that pre-date the move to the Big White, and she did have a few pops before those hateful words escaped her attention. And all I can say, officially, is that no one is happier than I am that bigmouth Desiree is gone. She never met a reporter she didn’t like.

desi  You can’t keep that woman’s lips sealed with crazy glue.

So take a look at what the NE printed, thanks to Dezi’s “insight:

Michelle Obama is furious that she only got a passing mention in Laura Bush’s best-selling memoir and feels that she’s being snubbed by the former First Lady, say sources.

“Michelle is fuming that she was just an afterthought in Laura’s book,” reveals a Washington insider: “she’s taking it as a personal slight.”  Laura didn’t mention Michelle until page 426 of her book, Spoken From The Heart, and at that point she only briefly recalled showing the then First-Lady-to be around the White House.

Shortly after their White House meeting, Laura added fuel to the fire by saying in a TV interview that Michelle, 46, didn’t ask for any advice when she visited the White House — and they mostly talked about closets.

“That really set Michelle off,” says the insider:  “here she is, an accomplished career woman who helped to orchestrate her husband’s historic run for the Presidency, and Laura makes her sound like a dimwit who’s only interested in closet space.”

This whole controversy unveils the ugly downside of narcissistic personality disorder: when you think everything is about you, you occasionally overlook key issues relating to others. In this case, Lady M missed the fact that Laura Bush’s book, Spoken From The Heart was really about, um, Laura, not her.

bushcover Besides, closet space is very important to Lady M. She needs one for her mini-me sweaters, one for her shoes, one for her bangles, one for her Cheetos and Stoli, and one for Big Guy. (full disclosure: there’s even a tiny one buried way in the back for me, Raj, Bo and   Little Mo to hide out in.)

But the story gets worse, as reported by Admin Girl (who also includes some practical recycling tips):

The story  goes on to talk about how Michelle referred to Laura as “Mrs. Bozo” and said it looked as though she’d decorated the White House from a “very bad garage sale,” recalls another source.  She also said that once they replaced the Bushes in the White House, she was going to “give all the furnishing to the homeless–if the homeless would take that junk!”


Laura, in comfortable chair, and Lady M, sitting on the “junk”

I can report that Laura used a decorator who specialized in historic preservation, but the ever fashion forward Lady M used one of the hottest decorators in LA in an effort to spiff up the Big White. You may think Lady M’s remarks about Laura sound mean spirited, but the proper way to frame it is to understand that Lady M just really doesn’t want anything around to remind her of all those years before she was proud to be an American.

And what is style after all? It always boils down to a matter of taste.

 laura laura and beazley  laura-bush-240   

Who would you pick to decorate your home?

 fistbumpingdwarfsALeqM5iYMnFJzr3Dmu5mBeLcqC_KtSpGng fist bump  

You won’t be able to put your hands on a copy of this edition of the National Examiner if you don’t already have one. Homeland Security was able to pull all the copies off newsstands across America by late last night.

So don’t anyone tell me that Homeland Security can’t protect the American people from harmful threats. The only thing they don’t seem to be able to do is secure the damn border or plug the damn hole.

H/T Larwyn and her Linx