Sunday, June 27, 2010

G-20: The Quicker Picker Upper, eh?

My, my. Canada used to be such a nice, civilized little country. But Prime Minister Harper Invites a few of his best international friends in to discuss strategy over dinner, and the city is overrun with a pack of imported thugs: What is going on here? We’ll get back to that later. I know you’re really here to see what Lady M wore to dinner: and she did not disappoint.

flags and

Our best Speedo and Swiffer duster ensemble. Note the modest almost below the knee length: a new trend we’re trying out for formal occasions. We have this dress in black too, but white seemed the better choice since it is summer and we are in the Great White North.

And yes, I have your obligatory butt shot. I did the best I could given the lampshade motif:

butt shot

and here’s one more since I’m on a roll, and have diplomatic immunity in Canada:

feather duster

Did you know you can buy Spanx here in Toronto that isn’t even legal in the US? We’re shipping a few crates home duty free.

If you’re thinking that this dress looks familiar, it’s because it’s derivative of our world famous Oslo/Nobel gown – which received international acclaim.


We do so love the bathing suit with roman curtain theme. Really, it never goes out of style.

So Lady M  was the hit of the G8/20 dinner. No one even mentioned what a shame it was that neither Carla nor SamCam could make it (at least not to Lady M). And more good news; here in Canada, we don’t have to feel guilty about having seconds. I just checked the exchange rate and 1 CN calorie is only 0.95 US calorie

Meanwhile back in the city center those silly hooligans who mysteriously show up at all the G-events dressed alike in battle black went on another rampage.

They torched police cars, smashed shop windows and looted businesses in the financial district. I wonder who pays the freight for these professional, well organized “anarchists?” My first guess was  Bill Ayers, whereas he’s said over and over that he didn’t think he had done enough as a young man by blowing up the Pentagon. But I guess his focus has been on accomplishing his youthful objectives through the great propaganda education system for the past 35 years. Frankly I’d have to give him kudo’s there; but I guess he’s not behind the street goons. So my second guess is some ambitious community organizer funded by George Soros.

Canada spent nearly a billion dollars (Cn) on security issues related to the Toronto G8. I think they could have saved a lot of money just by arresting anyone who showed up dressed in black head to toe.

tim hortons going downWTF? Doughnuts Are Good, I Don’t Care Who You Are!

Personally, I think they should hold all future G8/20 meetings in Detroit. They could stand a little urban renewal anyway.

spreading the wealth aroundspreading the wealth around, one blood diamond at a time

cop cars

Did Toronto Just Win The NBA Championship?car-fire

Innocent musician caught up in the melee. Oh well, think I’ll grab a cup of coffee and play some blues.

oh no not starbucks too Oh no! Not Starbucks too!

why are we calling them demonstrators Someone remind me: why are we calling them “demonstrators?”

Oh that’s right, they are protesting the “New World Order.”  Or something. Again, I wonder why they don’t protest at Bilderberg instead. Or the United Nations.

But let’s not worry our pretty little heads about these hooligans. This event is bigger than that, and really all about international glamour. And we’ve got it all: style, grace. And hooters.

great white north The O’s land in the Great White North. The NAACP has been notified. (Is there anything cuter than a Mountie?)

giant steps

Here we are showing the Harpers how to wave off the small people. It might prove helpful for when they visit the USA.