Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guns and Poses

Well that ruling was certainly a relief! The Supremes have reiterated our right to bare arms. As you can imagine, this is of tantamount concern to Lady M, who has been an outspoken proponent of the right, and has served as an example through her own wardrobe choices, of the right to flash those guns whenever and wherever you feel like it. Frankly, if this had gone the other way – well, I just don’t want to think about it. We’d have to get either an entirely new wardrobe or another thousand teeny-weeny sweaters.

Good call Justices Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Scalia and Kennedy! You’ve made life around the Big White a whole lot more pleasant. Those hot flashes are coming fast and furious. It’s a toss up for me, trans-imaging-wise: guns or sweaters. copenhagen3 But I can tell you, it’s always easier when Lady M is happy - or at least what passes for happy in our world.

And again, I’m not complaining, but doesn’t that seem an odd group of justices ruling in our favor? The conservatives aren’t generally with us on anything, especially constitutional issues.

I thought you might enjoy a retrospective of Lady M exercising her constitutional right this past year – demonstrating once again that she’s constantly laboring for our agenda:

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The Justices did however leave open the possibility that the states can require you to register your guns, or restrict your right to bare them in certain locations such as schools, churches and bars. We won’t have to worry too much about churches, but I guess we’ll have to keep track of the regulations in all 57 states in order to avoid breaking any local laws. We don’t want to set a bad example or, worse, get arrested for committing a felony with our bare arms.

I do know of two people who really don’t believe in baring arms which, under the circumstances might be just as well.


It’s odd though, because at Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings, she was specifically asked if she believed in the right to bare arms and she answered "Yes, most definitely;" but then, strangely, she voted against it yesterday. I’m not sure which time she mis-misunderstood the question. I bet someone’s going to ask Elena the same question at her hearing. And I bet she answers it the same way as Sonia did. These are some really smart ladies, and they learned how to triangulate and compartmentalize back in the eighties.

What? Oh.This is embarrassing. Raj just told me the Supreme Court ruling was on the right to bear arms. Nevermind.

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