Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Final Day of Vacay with High Societe

Yesterday was our final full day of vacay, and we didn’t let it go to waste:

The family motorcaded from their rented farm compound for about 10 minutes, before turning into a private area not far from the beach they visited a week earlier. The new area looks out on Jobs Neck Pond, Edgartown Great Pond and, beyond that, the Atlantic Ocean.

Ha, ha! That’s a good one: “Jobs Neck Pond?” Although around here that’s pronounced “joab’s,” its as close as Big Guy’s been to anything like “jobs” all year. Of course, there’s always been some confusion over how to spell and pronounce that word:

As you might imagine, it really is a 4-letter word around here now.

And then, another awkward move: our scout’s GPS must have been jammed, because he missed his turn for our trip to our private beach, and the whole caravan had to – well - you know:

In the middle of Edgartown-West Tisbury Road, the motorcade, consisting of several SUVs, an ambulance and a half-dozen state police motorcycles, executed a U-turn and headed down to Oyster Pond Road , where they apparently headed to the beach.

That’s not exactly the best visual for our Recovery Summer is it? And I suppose the trolls at FOX News will try to connect the dots to Big Guy’s other U-turns: missile defense, prisoner abuse photos, Guantanamo trials, and, of course, our voting for the Mosque at Ground Zero, before we voted against it.

So as you might imagine, we are going to try to change the subject ASAP. Next week we’ll switch to the “Victory in Iraq” hype (which, if I remember correctly, was a war that Big Guy was against before he was for it).

obamaatbeachThe summer the oceans began to recede: rhetorically speaking.

But we’re not wasting any time getting people’s minds off our economy-on-life-support. We’re cutting our last day of vacay short  to fly to New Orleans for a commemorative 5 year anniversary of George W. Bush’s Katrina catastrophe. This is to remind everyone how badly President Bush screwed up in New Orleans because he hated black people. And Big Guy is simpatico.

We’ll be doing one of our famous touch-‘n-goes in the Crescent City (no Mooselim jokes, please – NOLA has enough problems as it is). While we’re there, Big Guy and TOTUS will be delivering a stirring, empathetic, and emotional speech. Or at least that’s what he ordered.

But sadly, this marks the end of our life-style of the rich and famous for this year. We all had an action-packed, fun-filled time on the Rock, and will sure miss the good times.

nasty mo on bikeBanana Mo 


BO’s good walk in the woods

  x610     not preggo      







Goodbye to all our new best friends on the Rock. Till next year!

So, we’re puttin’ our vacation, and our Recovery Summer behind us. Time to stop playing with our little balls:

BO-Golf Course Game-Paper MoonAnother Thousand Words                                         via Larwyn

It looks like the country is going to need some much bigger balls in order to restore America:

sarah restore america  So bring it!

glen beck rally