Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Redecorate: the Oval and Beyond.

As you’ve heard, we had the Oval redone while we were on vacation, so it would look nice for Big Guy’s speech last night.

He was very complimentary of our troops while explaining how George W. Bush divisively sent them into a war that pitted patriots on the right side of the issue (ours) against those misguided patriots who supported Bush’s war. But we didn’t dwell on the negative for long: Big Guy quickly moved on to more important issues and, very graciously,  did not mention Bush by name while blaming him for the economy. Nor did he directly blame W for the ongoing unrest in the Middle East, which Big Guy plans to bring to a peaceful resolution. Why didn’t W. think of that before leading us into such an unpopular war?

But doesn’t Big Guy look good in his newly decorated office?

big desk little man Big desk, little man, take 2: Let’s see, “when you succeed you give credit to others, when you fail you take the blame.” Or is that the other way around?

But let’s focus on something we’re a little more comfortable with: the new visuals:

Oval Office Decor

We’ve pretty much replaced everything except the desk, which makes Big Guy look like he’s in charge when he sits there:

photographersPhotographers taking pictures of Big Guy at his desk: Whoa! He’s not there yet guys!

The redecoration wasn’t just for the optics though, it was a matter of necessity. Little Bo is still having some, uh, youthful rebellion issues. Either that or he’s simply out of control. Let’s just say that the old carpet and sofa were suffering from Bo-nut fatigue.

bo-obama resized_obama_dog_bo_2

Little Bo with Big Guy, and with his real handler

But the Oval wasn’t the only redecoration that took place while we were gone. A much bigger redecoration project took place over at Justice. Like the Oval re-do it was a slick sleek and quick. It didn’t include new furniture, but I think it  will end up being much more expensive in the long run. See what you think:

Here’s the old DOJ banner, as it used to appear on the Justice Department’s website:

DOJ old website Old website header at Justice 

And here’s the new banner as it now appears on the DOJ’s website:

 DOJ new website New website header at Justice

One of the biggest renovations is the little teeny-weenie writing on the top that’s hard to see here, but it says:

"The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people." 

That was Big Guy’s idea.  It’s kind of a postmodern re-do of what our Founding Father’s had in mind.You probably recall that they thought we got our inalienable rights from the Creator. Apparently Big Guy and Eric the Holder believe they come from the dead socialist,  C. Wilford Jenks, “who in the 1930's was a leading proponent of the "international law" movement, which had as its goal to impose a global common law and which backed ‘global workers' rights.'”

*sigh* Where is Vereteno now. When we need her most?

Just so you know, for future planning, we’ve got a few more redecoration projects on the drawing board too. And no, none of them involve recycling any of the old draperies.


If you don’t want to spend too much more of America’s future on redecorating, you might want to do some of your own Congressional redecorating in November.

H/T Larwyn, who also points out that this gives context to the Department of State’s idiotic decision to take Arizona’s state law to the UN – arguably the largest body of Marxists/socialists  on the planet.