Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dancing in the O-zone.

Here is the big news of the week, so far: Lady M is bringin’ dancin’  to the Big White! Happy feet are here again. The series kickoff on September 7 is a tribute to Judith Jamison, retiring artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

We’ll also be kicking off our Fall ‘No Childs’ Fat Behind’ season with a special hula hooping lesson by Lady M:

Since Judith is now available for private consultation, Big Guy is considering hiring her as head coach for his ongoing dance contest series with the leaders of the Middle East. First thing she’ll have to do though is teach him how to lead:

 220px-Thalia_and_Barack_Obama_croppedBig Guy, following the moves of Thalia. That got him hot water! 

…and move,

barack-obama-dancingQue es mas macho? 

More like Lady M does:

 _44999513_michelle_ap466 Again, we ask: who is most macho? 

In Big Guy’s defense however, it does help if you have a booty to shake.

Butt speaking of the dance series: yesterday we held the obligatory pre-show photo ops with the latest contestants for the Noble Peace Prize, Mid-East division:

peace talks Contestants Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu, King Abdullah II and Hosni Mubarak: they all look like they’re wee-weed up.

I don’t know who to tell you to put your money on for the dancing crown this season, but I can tell you who the “biggest loser” will be, if you want to bet on that: Bebe. The fix is definitely in on that one.

sucking lemonsSucking Lemons

 x610The march of the wooden soldiers: Left wingman, fall back!

mubarak, netanyahu abbasTry not to look like hostages, boys.”


Be sure to tune in for the season finale. We’ll have one of our trade mark “dancing in the O- zone” celebrations: