Saturday, September 4, 2010

Class: Don’t Leave Home Without it

Did you see Robin Givens article in the Washington Post the other day? Finally - someone who recognizes all that Lady M has done for this country, now that she’s finally proud of it.

First lady Michelle Obama returned to the White House last week after spending her summer vacation walking the fine fashion line between comfortably casual and utterly camera-ready. Her travel attire served as a wake-up call to all those American tourists who have blighted the national landscape with their ill-fitting shorts, sad-sack T-shirts and aggressively revealing tank tops: You can do better.

Yes we can! Something more like these, perhaps?

shorts michelle noon feeding

black top

Robin continues:

Obama threw down the gauntlet, providing folks with a high-profile lesson on how to be a well-dressed tourist who does not cause the locals to flinch in dismay. Yet she still managed to convey a middle-of-the-road Americanness. She represented the populace in a manner that was approachable but savvy.

Uh huh, savvy. And expensive, but approachable:

butt out moand SS guy            Moschino                                  Jean Paul Gaultier

dinner leggings Narciso Rodriguez                                     Duro Olowu

b4and after we depart our gulf vacay

                                                          Narciso Rodriguez

Robin is so delighted to finally have a classy First Lady who wears her favorite designers, she’s nearly delirious. And she thinks you should follow Lady M’s lead as well. After all:

We are all part of the landscape. We are part of the postcard image, the memory that's tucked into a scrapbook. We should do our best not to mar this country's natural beauty.

Indeed. Let’s be careful out there.

wtf-on-backside ribbonsrufflesandlace4 tablecloth_thumb2

Leave the curtains and table cloths at home for your holidays. You can do better than that.