Sunday, September 5, 2010

Socialism You Can BELIEVE IN!

Ok, so, I was reading my email this morning and Larwyn (of Larwyn’s Links fame) told me about this super cool contest going on at iOwnTheWorld: Bumped – iOwnTW/People’s Cube Contest! Here’s the scoop, according to my buds at iOwnTheWorld:

Our old boss, mentor and good friend, Oleg Atbashian, has written a new and important book, Shakedown Socialism- Progress To Nowhere. Oleg is the owner/creator/editor/life blood of The People’s Cube – a site that Rush Limbaugh has called the Stalinist version of The Onion.

Oleg has already lived under the oppressive thumb of statism, having been born and raised in Russia, and ever since he emigrated to America he has been alerting everyone to the telltale warning signs of our creeping socialism


He sounds like our very own MOL, Vereteno, born and raised in Russia under Stalin’s thumb, who, if you missed Lola LB’s comment around 12:08PM a few days ago, is also writing a book.


Butt I confess, my first thought was to keep this news to myself, so my entry would have a better chance of winning. Then my anti-virus program kicked out that “ethical violation bug” warning. Wow! That was a close one. I’ve really been spending too much time here with the WONs.

Besides, as long as I’m giving what amounts to free commercial time to Oleg’s capitalist pig endeavor (double OINKs!), my faithful, loyal MOLs, MODs and FOMs should be given a good chance to win too!

So, here’s the deal on the contest co-sponsored by iOwnTheWorld and the Peoples Cube:

In your best victim voice, in a few sentences, make your case as to why you should be the person chosen to receive a free autographed copy of Shakedown Socialism. Give us your sob story or give us your indignant entitlement mentality. Give us your best convoluted progressive logic. Give us your Soviet style propaganda. Tie it into global warming or any other progressive cause. The sky’s the limit. Do anything you can to get that free stuff. (And then when you lose, and your heart is crushed, MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE BOOK HERE! hehe)

Butt wait! If you act now, ‘cause we can’t do this all day, we’ll throw in the chance of a lifetime:

The winner gets an autographed copy of Shakedown Socialism in exchange for their review of the book. The review will be cross-posted at iOTW and the People’s Cube. This could be the start of a whole new career for some lucky person. Or not.

This contest is open until 11:59 pm, Sunday the 5th.

So, don’t delay!


You, too, can become a member of a certified (by Jesse Jackson Jr.) aggrieved identity class. So get your grievance on – we’re all victims on this bus. Today only, please.

Here’s my entry:

I am the Mirror Of The United States and I am a victim of freedom and democracy. Because Americans are allowed to vote for their rulers, it is now my job to make the Obamas look good.

BTW, if I don’t win, you guys better make sure your accountants have your last 10 years of tax filings in order.

Good luck to everyone! Feel free to re-post your entries here too, so we can all sympathize with you.