Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget, Never Submit

We take a break from our normal commentary on the dismantling of America to reflect and remember the act of war that launched the 21st century.

We pause to remember the victims in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, as well as the loved ones they left behind. And we humbly remember the first responders, the heroes who reaffirmed our faith in the meaning of that word.

And we take a moment to reflect on the  fanatical political system that launched this attack. No, not a religion of peace. A political theocracy comprised of religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is the mask behind which all the other components hide. 

Here, from the Manhattan balcony of a couple living a few blocks from the WTC, is the amateur video of a woman, and her husband, reacting to the evil unfolding before them. I wonder how they feel about the Ground Zero Mosque going up in their neighborhood?



Be strong America. Because WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

God Bless America.