Monday, September 6, 2010

Laboring in Deep Space: Someone Has To Do it.

While you and I pause from our usual tasks for the last holiday of the summer season, my brother Hub, on assignment in deep space, continues to labor 24/7. Here’s a little something he sent me awhile back.

He said I was free to pass it on, if I knew anyone else who needed to get a grip and regain their perspective. Heh. Like there would be anyone like that around here.

I was going to show it to the WONs, but since they really do think that they’re the center of the universe, I decided not to disillusion them. It’s been a tough enough summer as it is, what with the polls and all.

So I’m just passing this little metaphysical journey on to those of you whom I’m certain can deal with it.

Have a nice holiday, no matter which little corner of the universe you happen to be inhabiting.

WARNING: Video depicts deep space insights into our relative insignificance. Do NOT watch if you think you’re all that.