Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall for Dance: 100% Pornography Free

You’ve no idea how relieved I was when Judith Jamison came forward  this evening for Lady M’s ceremonial hug at the kick off of our dance-fest.

jj ceremonialhug Mama Bearhugs Judith Jamison

How embarrassing: I had the wrong “J. Jamison” loaded onto my hard drive data pack for tonight’s big cultural dance party celebration. I could have sworn Smooty told me we were hosting a dance-fest with Jenna Jameson, world famous star of stage, screen and interweb porn sites:

jenna-jamesonJJ and her Cantaloupes

But, thank goodness, it was Judith Jamison! World renowned artistic director of Alvin Ailey!


And to think, I’ve been worried all day for nothing. In retrospect, I should have know I had that wrong: did you see the size of Jenna’s hooters?! There’s no way Lady M would have let those cantaloupes in the same room with her little lemons. We don’t deal with competition well, unless we’re counting the votes.

little lemons And without the boob belt giving them a little boost, they probably wouldn’t even be AA grade lemons.

But back to the dance party: even though there were 3 other dance companies here, it was really a celebration of Judith’s many years as principle dancer for Alvin Ailey, and then, for the past 2 decades, as choreographer and artistic director. She’s retiring this spring: I wonder if she has another gig lined up yet, because we could sure use an artistic director around here. Even if she did nothing other than shoes, bags, belts and bangles we’d be light years ahead of ourselves. Obviously she wouldn’t be my first choice for hair, but I think she’s proven her chops in those other areas. 

Here’s a picture of the diverse group of the most talented young dancers in the whole country, practicing this afternoon upstairs with the AA dancers and other professionals form Broadway. ( No truth to the rumor Toes dropped in for a few pirouettes. He was busy swapping texts with Mayor Daley re. his succession plan.)

WaPo-dance-2Tiny dancers, from across the land

Here’s just a tiny bit of Lady M’s introductory remarks, greeting the tiny dancers who came to learn at the feet of the professionals. They were so excited, and I think you’ll  get a sense of the electricity that MO’s comments added to the experience:

Did you all have fun this afternoon? 
MRS. OBAMA:  Did you work up a good sweat? 
MRS. OBAMA:  Well, good.  That’s a good thing.  I’m also doing “Let’s Move,” so that's good -- moving, dancing, all that stuff.


Yep. All good. Let’s compare our  “stuff.”

Linda Celeste Sims, principle dancer, shows her moves.

let's move letsmove1

Lady M, principle enhancer, busts her moves:

 caption_Michzilla dancing withthefrogs

Do you like our new snow leopard dress? Here’s a shot of the full-length frock. I know it’s a little wilder than usual, but that’s why we femmed it up with the little black lace bib. I think it’s a nice touch.

232x389mrs O “O” yes we can!

And by the way, yes, we did “grow” a fresh set of eyebrows. The rest of the sprouts aren’t doing as well, hence the return of the luxurious bob.