Friday, September 10, 2010


The Presser is, mercifully, over. All I want to say right now is POTUS minus TOTUS equals DOTUS (Doofus of the United States).

Things got off to a good start: TOTUS was on a roll:


And then the speech was over, the questions began, and TOTUS went blank. It’s not that Big Guy didn’t practice – in his econ 101 tutorial last week he even learned how to use “transfer payment” in a sentence. But somehow, all those questions flying at him from out of left field left him a bit, well, tongue-tied. Even though we tried to use our favorite words, like “unprecedented” as often as possible, and blame the Republicans for everything from bad teachers to the “Jewish problem” it didn’t really come off as clean and articulate as we would have liked.

News at 11:00.


Sheeze, and they used to make fun of GWB?