Friday, September 3, 2010

Dressing Up Our Summer of Recovery

road sign

Yesterday we took a baby step towards finally ending George Bush’s recession of 2009-12:

The White House Thursday ruled out an "extraordinary" new economic stimulus plan to fire up the slowing recovery, but said President Barack Obama was scouting new ideas to boost jobs and growth.

No more cash for clunkers, no more Summer of Recovery road signs, no more monkeys doing blow, no more websites for ants, no more modern dance software, (oh,oh: I better not mention that last one to Lady M, what with our dance party coming up and all) – in short, no additional “extraordinary” wasteful spending. Butt wait- those aren't “extraordinary,” they’re just some of the usual suspects.

mccain-coburn-list North Carolina’s $762k Computer Choreography. So much for Rage Against the Machine.

UNC said they needed the dance stimulus grant to “define an evolving system that assists in the design and production of interactive dance performances with real-time audience interaction.” 

Dude: it’s called a “club.” They have them in nearly every city outside of the Middle East.

dance club

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Dance during the Nobel Banquet obamas_dancing_governors_ball_0310

“We just came to dance”

But since Big Guy said he’s scouting for “new ideas to boost jobs and growth” I thought maybe I would help him out.

I gave him a copy of this book,

economics basic

but since he hasn’t opened it yet I assume there’s no sense giving him the sequel:

economics intermediate

This is the last in a series of 47 books written by Dr. Sowell about the role of economics in America:

dismantling america

I gave this one to Big Guy too. He said that the title sounded familiar, but he’d rather live it than read about it. I should have known. Aside from TOTUS, he hasn’t had much time for reading.


Neither has Congress:

health_care_bill 92449264BS001_HOUSE_GOP

2000 page Healthcare Bill, 2000 page Financial Reform Bill: it’s in there!

Butt the bottom line is, it’s up to Lady M now to stimulate the economy. We’re going shopping, girlfriend!

mo shopping Buy all three pieces and mix and match!

You can join our Labor Day weekend stimulus shopping extravaganza too! Buy one for the team! Let’s Move!

let's move