Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alarma Roja!

“Red Alert!”

Today’s Open Thread Question:

Is “GloRed” the new “JerryBrown”?

Filed on behalf of MOTUS by Little Mo from the sanctuary bunker.

I don’t know about you, butt I’m going to guess that you feel the same about Gloria Allred (GloRed) as I do (MOTUS too). Well, GloRed has been all over the TeeVee, apparently campaigning to screw-up Meg Whitman's gubernatorial campaign AND loose her law license as a bonus.

So now, Larwyn (of the world famous Larwyn’s Links hosted by Doug Ross), tipped me off to an “appearance” on yesterday’s Saturday Night Live (which I don’t watch much since Dennis Miller left). My psychic “8-Ball” predicts that GloRed will get a new gig on SNL, “Ask Gloria Allred”. She’s going to need something to do because even if she keeps her law license, I don’t think there are that many illegal aliens who need a lawyer to help them get deported. Here’s last night’s segment: