Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Off on Our Excellent Adventure

Well, we’re off to slay some Republican dragons and ensure that all of our dead constituents are ready to rock the vote.  All I can tell you is we are cleansed, toned and ready to let rip the dogs of war.

We’re starting with a fundraiser for Russ Feingold in Milwaukee – you might recall the last time we were stumping in the land of Cheeseheads: this is where MO announced that “for the first time in her adult life,” she was proud of her country.

February 18, 2008

That’s a tough speech to top! But don’t worry, we can do it.

After our Cheesehead remarks, it’s on to Chicago to do some hometown cheerleading for Giannoulias, Havorson and Foster and Seals. From there, we’re on to Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Washington state and California before hooking up with BO for the weekend in Ohio. It’s going to be just like the good old daze.

I’m feeling well enough to accompany Lady M, so I’ll  be reporting on all the details from the road. And I can tell you this much: you’re going to luv the campaign gear we’ve lined up.

Meantime, there’s been a lot of things going on in Obamaville right here in D.C.. Starting with this piece of good news for anyone out there still lucky enough to have a job with healthcare benefits.

sinatra Big Guy doing his Sinatra impression; “Yeah, you can keep your employer provided healthcare. I said so.”

Here’s a Big announcement from our Big White Blog:

Today, the Internal Revenue Service issued a sample W-2 form for 2011. The form looks just like the W-2 you have received in years past, with one important new piece of information. Beginning in 2011, employers will have the option of including the value of the health care benefits that you have received on your W-2 so you can know more about your benefits and you are an empowered consumer. In 2012, all employers who provide insurance will be required to include this information on their workers’ W-2 forms.

But lest there be any confusion:

And because this has been the subject of rumors, let’s be clear: you will absolutely not pay taxes on these benefits.

no new taxesRead my lips, no new taxes… this year. 

So forget all those stupid rumors. Absolutely. No. Taxes. On. Benefits. Not this year any way. And by next year, you probably won’t have a job anymore any way, so you’ll be grateful for what you get. And if you do - still have a job, that is – you’re employer will probably not be offering healthcare benefits anymore anyway. So you see? This is really good news.

In other news: Big Guy had a little competition yesterday in the ‘pretty face and deep thoughts department’: George Clooney was in the building.

another prettyface2

George came to the Big White to lecture Big Guy about the state of affairs in Sudan, and why they need some of our money to prevent a tragedy following the next election. It’s cute how these Hollywood geniuses find a way to be relevant on your dime isn’t it? I’m not sure how well BO took it. After all sounding smart and Saving the World is really his job. And frankly, he’s a little more concerned with his own tragedy, scheduled to open in a polling place near you in November, than the one in Sudan.

He also wasn’t real pleased that Lady M was making googly-eyes at George either. Not that Georgie seemed to pay any attention to her. He seemed more more taken with Big Guy.

googly eyes

Probably just as well we’re hitting the road for a few days. I’ll be seeing you from the land of Cheeseheads and the land of Perpetuity.


Dead%20Dem%20voter … and I always will