Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night: Reds Rule

Two big Governors’ Balls last night. Ours first:

mo3deckers Lady M, a virtual butterfly at our ball, “rockin’ a Prabul Gurung,” and sportin’ a pair of quadruple-deckers (on her ears).

As I told you, there was an embargo on phone-cams, but here’s a little something I managed to tweet out. You can’t see much of it, butt trust me. Lady M is “rockin’ a Prabal Gurung” in that lovely chartreuse frock.

The menu was likewise embargoed, due to continued assaults from the right-wing-healthy-eating-initiative-attack-machine. Butt Little Mo managed to snag a copy of it while Chef Comfy was busy yelling at all the ‘lil chefs from Tubman Elementary, who Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives and Chief Propagandist, Sam Kass, was supposed to be babysitting. Here it is:

Salad of roasted pears with housemade ricotta, walnut crisps, with White House Kitchen Garden greens

Scallops with spiced mango chutney

"Surf and Turf"
Local Black Angus Beef with Blue Crab

Black Beans and Rice, Plantain Chips

Coconut Sorbet in a Chocolate Shell with Poached Tropical Fruits made with White House Honey

American wines from California, Washington and New York will be served with each course

We did have to make over the menu after El Rushbo’s rant last week about Lady M’s rib diet plate.  So we took out most of the fat and flavor from last night’s menu and added in weeds from the “organic” garden and fruit so we wouldn’t look like hippo-crites. Not to worry: Chef stocked the frig with some of Lady M’s favorites for a little “after the show” noshing.

Big Guy toasted the governors and their significant others, joked about the Academy Awards (which he was not nominated for again this year) and told the crowd:

"The main message I want to deliver tonight, in addition to asking you to have some fun this evening, is to know that you’ve got a partner here in the White House,"

He means himself. Although that’s technically true only if you have a “D” after your name, and you support Big Guy and his Big Labor Unions. (Otherwise, it’s me.)

Butt enough about the  business of politics, let’s take a peak at the other Governors’ Ball, where there’s no controversy over collective bargaining rights because everyone belongs to a union.

It was just a huge night for the Oscar winners and wannabes. Miss Hathaway was one of this year’s co-hosts. And wow! She’s had one of the best Hollywood do-overs I’ve ever seen:

NancyKulp Miss Hathaway from her Beverly Hillbillies days…

misshathawayAnd at last night’s Oscars

Red was a big color last night:

sandrabSandra Bullock wore it well

And Jennifer Hudson, with her new skinny body, wore it pretty well,


stuffinthebunnies …except for her bunnies, which she kept having to stuff back in.

Just a footnote on Jennifer: she’s no longer welcome here at the Big White. Ever since her significant weight loss, she makes Lady M’s butt look big.

And speaking of which; can we all just stipulate to one thing:


Unless you look like this in a dress, of any color, can we please not use the phrase “rockin’ a dress” ever again?

And while Natalie Portman won the Oscar for her Black Swan role, (Hollywood’s nod to Black History Month)


I think perhaps that role should have gone to Sharon Stone instead:


As you can see, she had herself completely re-groomed for the part:

   sss Before:




Almost as good as Miss Hathaway’s do over. As long as she doesn’t smile.

Butt I’d still give the Black Swan Oscar to Big Guy: for best portrayal of an American President. Evah!