Sunday, February 27, 2011

WTF: The History Just Keeps On Coming UPDATE

Two more historical firsts over the weekend!

We knew when she got here that Smooty wouldn’t be able to stay long – she was just too valuable to hang around throwing international dinner parties. Next to the great Soros, Julianna was our largest bundler fund raiser in 2008. Anyway, she’s leaving to become deputy director of WTF, Obama’s 2012  re-election campaign. As I said, invaluable.


Replacing Smooty will be – and here comes the historic part – the first man to ever hold this position! And better yet, he’s gay!! You talk about a twofer. We get a guy with real organizational and management skills, plus a lock on the GLBT voter block. Is the Won’s machine awesome or what?

Meet Jeremy Bernard:

bernard Bernard, left, with Rufus Gifford in 2009. I’m not sure who the guy on the right is.


At present, Bernard is a senior adviser at the U.S. Embassy in Paris; before that, he was the White House liaison to the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Between 2007 and 2009, Bernard ran a fund-raising and consulting firm with Democratic National Committee Finance Director Rufus Gifford, who will be the finance chair for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Bernard was a fund-raising consultant in California for the 2008 Obama campaign where Smoot was the finance director.

Which is to say that he raised millions for Big Guy’s ‘08 campaign. And he knows who to include on future Big White party lists. As did Smooty. Desi? Not so much. She didn't even remember to send them Big White Holiday Cards.

Lady M, who oversaw the selection process for Smooty’s replacement, has determined that candidates who know how to strong arm people into coughing up cash are far better at actually running a day to day operation than someone whose main qualifications include being an African American with a pretty face and holding Ivy League educational credentials.

desi Former Big White Social Secretary, Desiree Rodgers

Desi was a big disappointment to everyone except me. She always seemed to put her own agenda ahead of that of the Big White Social Secretary affairs.

Oh, and that reminds me, Big Guy has finally decided: Qaddafi must go. Now. He received the phone call yesterday.

twinkle Now that’s a good lookin’ smile, no?

So, welcome to our Big White extended family, Jerri! Here’s the only advice you’ll need around here: If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy.


Really. That’s all you need to know.

Big, big night coming up: Oscars and the Governor’s Ball! I think the photo embargo is still in place, butt I’ll do my best.

h/t: BH


OMG, clarice is quoting moi in her “Pieces” today!

Thanks! And welcome “Pieces Peeps!”

Clarice’s article is not just about my Motown follow-up post.She analyzes other arguably important topics too, like Big Guy’s “dithering,” turning his back on our allies and encouraging our enemies in the Middle East, and botching the rescue of the in embassy hostages in Iran, evacuation of the embassy personnel in Lybia:

Indeed, the White House could not even manage a timely evacuation of US citizens there and the White House website thinks the name of the country is  "Lybia."  Maybe they couldn't get planes or boats there because they couldn't find Lybia on any atlas.

I would only beg you to be patient with big Guy. He’s learning to be President really fast, and it’s a really big job. Maybe we need to anoint a Google Czar who can help guide our armed forces to their target. I just “Googled” “Lybia” and got this:

Lybia On Googleclick to embiggen

Lybia On Google

Next, I Google Earthed Lybia and this is what I got:

google earth-Lybia

google earth-Lybia

Google Earth even has a Droid app now. Maybe instead of worrying about that high-speed wireless train station we should start by making sure that all of our ships have at least one Droid on board.