Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Medium is the Message

Boy, yesterday was a tough day. First we had to go on set in New York to tape some Public Service Announcements with the Sesame Street muppets asking all Americans to support our military families (the one percenters who love democracy).

MrsO4_18Aren’t those little muppets adorable? Rosita and Elmo too.

Lady M and Dr. Jill have been rockin’ the muppets quite a bit lately. It’s part of their Join Forces campaign.


Although I have no idea what Elmo, Telly and Grover have to do with our military families. So far all I’ve come up with is they make Lady M’s butt look small, butt I don’t think that’s it.

Maybe it’s because they’ve proved themselves to be such an effective propaganda  communication vehicle for our PBS.

Anyway the taping went fine and we were headed back when there was a little mix up in the air traffic controllers tower at Andrews Air Force Base and Lady M and Dr. Jill’s plane nearly collided with another wide body: a C-17 cargo jet!

Screenshot Studio capture #049

It was really scary; we had to abort our landing and have another round of pre-landing cocktails before we finally got cleared. If not for the recent spate of air traffic controller, I would have suspected that the military wasn’t all that thrilled about Lady M Joining Forces with them. Butt as it turns out, it was just another case of FAA incompetency. .

Don’t worry though, everyone’s fine. Butt that extra cocktail made for some loud discussions when we got back to the Big White. To calm Lady M down Big Guy had to promise to fire the general in charge of the FAA. I don’t think either of them know that the FAA isn’t part of our one percenters who love democracy.

That was the last thing Big Guy needed last night, he was already exhausted from dealing with a tough junior college crowd in Annandale, Virginia earlier, where he shared some of the details of his deficit reduction WTF plan: “We can’t spend what we don’t take in.”

annandaleAnnandale, Northern Virginia Community College: tough crowd 

As you know, Big Guy is known for his nuance, and he used it to good effect here: not “what we don’t have,” butt “what we don’t take in.” Is that beautiful, or what? It’s a new way to say “we’re going to raise taxes on the wealthiest (that’s the 50%  who actually pay taxes) Americans” without having to use the T-word. WTF! That’s the kind of talk Standard and Poor’s likes to hear.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Big Guy was really busy multi-tasking yesterday. He also held a big meeting to discuss the need to reform our immigration policy (who knew we even had one?) with business leaders, government officials, law enforcement officials and “others” (Reverend Al).

i'm da man

Reverend Al: race hustler and immigration reform expert

Unfortunately none of the governors from the border states were invited able to attend. Butt I’m sure they were following the results of the meeting on their new White House Phone App.


From our official Big White website:

Now, with the newly upgraded White House iPhone app, you can get an alert that President Obama is about to speak, then watch it live, right in the palm of your hand. Over 400,000 people have already downloaded the app, so if you don’t already have it make sure you do.

“We’re constantly working to make it easier for the American public to connect with the Administration.”

And it makes it a whole lot easier for us to “control our message.” That Marshall McLuhan really knew what he was talking about.