Monday, June 6, 2011

Another E-coli Outbreak

Today’s Weiner Log: Representative Anthony Weiner stiffed organizers of last weekend’s big Israel Day parade in New York City. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

I have to run over to Langley this morning for a few routine maintenance checks of my NASA systems: just to make sure none of them have been compromised by recent outbreaks of hacking attempts.

While I’m out I thought you might appreciate reviewing Granny Jan’s recent PSA regarding cookies that may be carrying a lethal strain of E-coli.

And in case you missed her PSA from last week on Lady M’s new Food Plate Icon:

And just a quick update on Europe’s recent E-coli outbreak: current focus has zeroed in on an organic farm in northern Germany that grows bean sprouts, of all things!


He said it is possible that the water was contaminated with E. coli or that the sprout seeds -- purchased in Germany and other countries -- contained the germ. He said the farmers had not used any manure, which is commonly spread on organic farms and has been known to cause E. coli outbreaks.

dirt on leg

I can testify to the fact that when you spread manure all over the damn place you’re likely to spread all sorts of vile things around.

article-1394099-0C64930600000578-897_634x484Nothing organic here, and I mean nothing.