Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue on Blue


At his press conference with Angie yesterday, Big Guy put the entire economic situation in perspective: "Our task is to not panic, not overreact." Some would argue that a trillion dollar stimulus package was a bit of an over-reaction, butt they’re all Tea Party racists or partisan R-words.


He then continued to have it both ways to calm everyone’s nerves, saying he’s not concerned that we’re headed for a double-dip recession (whew!), butt he has ordered an acceleration in the recovery. Gosh, I wish he would have thought of that a little sooner.

Maybe then I could have gotten that raise I requested back when Rahmbo was still running things around here (which I never got, BTW), and I wouldn’t have had to take on my new moonlighting job, in order to make ends meet.

As you known, I began my government career in the Smithsonian, so I was hoping to get a part time job over there, butt I guess I didn’t have enough seniority. So Big Guy arranged for me to get a gig over at the National Archives. I’m supposed to be refracting the “Constitution according to Ricky Holder”, butt I can’t really do that, so I’m just reflecting it as it was originally written. I’m sure I’ll lose my job when someone figures this out, butt so far no one from the regime has even been by to take a peek.

As jobs go, it’s a pretty good one. I get to stand guard by the three “Charters of Freedom” and reflect on their wisdom and beauty: something I rarely get to do in my day job any more. My only complaint is that it cuts into my spare time, so I won’t be able to spend as much time with you in the comment stream of my little blog, butt I’ll do my best!

And speaking of my day job, you saw that Angela Merkel came for a State visit yesterday?

spanning the universeThe wide world of Sport, spanning the globe

Big Guy had his hands full with Angela: covering everything from what to do about Quadaffi (“days, not weeks”) in Libya to European economic stability. They discussed the Greek debt situation, which he told Angie is really her problem:

"We think it would be disastrous for us to see an uncontrolled spiral and default in Europe because that could trigger a whole range of other events,"

I mentioned that he was talking about Europe, right?

Taking note that economic turmoil has roiled both sides of the Atlantic, Obama added: "Recovery from that kind of body blow takes time."

…which is code for “It’s Bush’s fault; he and the R-words drove our Jeep Wrangler into the ditch and we haven’t been able to figure out how to put it in 4-wheel drive in order to drive it back out. So we’ve been spinning our wheels, and digging in deeper and deeper.”


Did you know that this marked the first official visit by a European leader to the White House since Big Guy moved in? Can you believe it? We’ve had Indian, Mexican, Chinese and Palestinian leaders thus far, butt none of our WWII or NATO allies. I think that’s to clarify that we’re in favor of a New World Order, and to keep things fair and balanced around here.

Anyhoo, to mark the occasion, Big Guy presented Angie with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

medal of freedom

It was a little awkward though, since BO forgot to toast Angie after the presentation. You might think that the awkward silence would have clued him to go to the toast, butt he just thought the audience was asleep at the switch, so he told everyone they could applaud.

finally a toast

Which they did. Butt finally, someone reminded him that he forgot the official toast, so he got a do-over and Angela got two applause lines. Nice. Butt I think it might be time for our protocol chief to review the Presidential Toasts chapter with Big Guy again.

Oh yes, and Lady M looked swimmingly fine in another Naeem Kahn  gown, this one a lovely ivory chiffon with hand beaded, hand made crystals: a project that saved or created another 100 jobs. In India.

232x598Trailing economic indicators

Here’s the thing: it’s not easy to shorten a beaded gown, especially one that’s linearly beaded. I’ve mentioned more times than I care to that you must select the shoes you’ll be wearing with the gown prior to the final fitting. Butt does Lady M ever listen? Always, we have to wait till the last minute, and then we get it wrong.

Butt the other ladies invited to last night’s State dinner looked lovely. Didn’t I tell you that blue was huge this year? Everything from navy to Cinderella.

google eric schmidt diane sawyerIf you don’t know who Eric Schmidt is, you could Google him

jamescarolyntaylorstevenand DWSeric shineskijohn jane roberts

Clockwise from top left: Carolyn and James Taylor, Stephen and Debbie (fire cracker) Wasserman Schultz, John and Jane Roberts (!?!) Eric and Patty Shinseki.

Hillary thought aquamarine was close enough to blue to count. Butt then, she’s still trying to  recycle everything from the Clinton era.

hillary recycled

Speaking of the Clintons, did you hear that Rep. Weiner called Big Dog to apologize? Unclear on that concept: can anyone help me out here?



Update: Special Request. I was trying to protect you. Blame Clarice for this hot mess.


another special request, butt that’s it: I don’t think any of us can take anymore.

maybetoolongOh, oh!

p.s. that’s Angie’s cute, “reclusive” hubby, Dr. Joachim Sauer. Probably wishes he’d been a little more “reclusive.”