Thursday, June 9, 2011

From Day Care to College: We’re Winning the Future. WTF.

In her signature campaign to save the planet from fat behinds in a single generation, Lady M has thus far launched her No Child’s Fat Behinds!, Let’s Move Those Fat Behinds! and last week our new No Fat Food Plate Icon.

Butt since there’s been some push back (mostly by racist Tea Party  types like Sarah Palin) on Lady M’s excellent lifestyle advice, we’ve decided to take the fight to a more receptive audience: Daycare centers!

ok whatsgoingonhereOk boys and girls: do NOT put this in your mouth, Ok? Or your nose, Ok?

Because you’re never to young to start the indoctrination education program.

Michelle Obama's war on obesity is headed to day care.

The First Lady announced the child-care phase of her "Let's Move" campaign on Tuesday and encouraged the use of a checklist to improve healthy eating and increase physical activity.

Among the recommendations that Lady M made were at least one or two hours of physical activity per day:

bunnyBunny-hopping our way to health

and no television for children under age 2 (unless strapped into a safety seat):

bigblueweinerYou kids aren’t watching TV in there are you?

Lady M was joined at CentroNía, a “multicultural learning community,” whatever that is, by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

And note that both ladies are also subtlety supporting one of our regime’s other re-election campaign themes: austerity in government. Both were wearing recycled frocks!

Kitty at CentroNía:


and in 2009 with Lady M:


While Lady M herself wore one of her famous frocks designed by Tracey Feith, surfer turned designer turned man on the lamb.


No one seems to know what happened to Mr. Feith who disappeared in 2010, stiffing (I know, I said no more weiner jokes) his New York landlords for $200,000 in unpaid lease payments (I wonder if he was leasing from Rep. Charlie Rangel? Talk about poetic justice.). Butt not before designing some of MO’s most iconic frocks:

060909_obama_200X400        michelle-obama-and-tracy-feith-spirit-dress-gallery


The famous wisteria
National Day of Prayer dress

Some of which have already been recycled: so don’t tell me Lady M isn’t frugal:


Left, stripes, lace and green shoes, June, 2010.Right, wisteria at the Pittsburg G-20

Meanwhile, Big Guy was at Northern Virginia Community College yesterday, hyping his $2 billion program aimed at tailoring classes to train students for jobs in manufacturing.

imp of manuf jobsBig Guy showcasing art work made with Scrap metal from cars previously made in America

Far be it from me - as I have absolutely no formal economic training - to point out that, um, we don’t have any manufacturing jobs left in America. Making the training a bit superfluous. So I’m thinking that maybe he could just give that $2 billion to Lady M to promote her Let’s Move aerobic programs for bunnies.


In order to prevent any more fat bunny behinds.