Sunday, June 5, 2011

America’s New Normal: Welcome Back to the Beans and Franks Economy

In the face of what might be considered bad news by a lesser man:

Big Guy managed to put on his happy face

ok now werefaking

to address the troops at a Jeep plant in Toledo.

jogging to the stageThe Minister of Propaganda takes the stage: Booyah!

Today, Chrysler is repaying its government loans six years ahead of schedule and posted five consecutive quarters of operating profit.  Earlier this week, the National Economic Council released a new report on the resurgence of the American automotive industry…

Obama praised Chrysler for repaying “every dime and more of what it owes the American taxpayer” six years ahead of schedule.

That would be great! If it were true. Butt, you’ll be surprised to hear, it’s not:

The Treasury Department announced Thursday that it sold its stake in Chrysler, which is owned by Italian automaker Fiat, resulting in a $1.3 billion loss.

I guess if you “forgive” debt, it counts as “paying it back.” At least by government accounting standards.

In total, the auto bailout will cost taxpayers about $14 billion, more good news! Because originally we didn’t expect to get any of the $80 billion back.

Still, a little advice may be in order for future rallies: even if you’re fabricating delivering good news, don’t go into a Jeep plant and trash the Wrangler:

Butt do you really need me to dissect the other, ahem, shades of gray in the Big White Big Lie Propaganda Post on the Resurgence in the the Auto Industry? It’s a feel good “infographic” (I wonder if we can trademark that term?).

And it helps to deflect the data that otherwise indicates that the economy is in a death spiral.

hero_photo_auto_industryClick pic for the complete “infographic” provided by the Big White

Also while in Toledo, Big Guy stopped in for a couple of chili dogs (please, no weiner jokes) at Rudy’s Famous Hot Dog stand.

Where he was waited on by a former auto company executive;

sherrodbrownHarry Dionyssiou

Would you like fries with that order?

How about a Jeep?

friesOr a house? I’ve got a special on houses today.

So, despite Lady M having thrown the full weight of the Federal government behind the USDA’s new Food Plate Icon,


Big Guy opted to stick with his current plan:


Because he likes it.








And wants to keep it.


And it seems to provide him with all the energy he needs to run the free world.

golf 10 in arow

Of course, Velma Hart told him about that diet months ago.

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