Saturday, June 11, 2011

WTF in Ohio? Holy Toledo BATman!

We’re off to Camp David because Lady M doesn’t want Big Guy in town when Little Tony finally throws in the towel this weekend.


As always, the coming is more appealing than the going.


I’m talking about Weiner, of course. It’s going to be even uglier when the rest of the teenaged girl-tweets come out. Rumor has it that Big Dog (Clinton) and Little Dog (BO) have already told Little Weenie to get out of town like a pronto pup.

large_03mccain17Click pic for recipe!

Will the weiner fascination never end around here? Seriously, if Rep. Weiner wants to rehabilitate himself and start over in a new district, I’ve got a great suggestion: Ohio!

That state’s beginning to look a little too rocky to be automatically dropped into our “Obama 2012” bucket, all due to the way Bush’s economic policies continue to ravage their economy. It’s so bad in fact that Big Guy’s playing golf next weekend with two Buckeyes, Boehner and Kasich: to see if he can give them anything to persuade them to say nice things about Big Guy’s plan to raise the debt ceiling.

Anyway, here’s my great plan for Little Tony’s witness protection relocation to the Ohio: it seems there’s a family dispute currently waging over ownership of the chili dog stand in Toledo made world famous by Jamie Farr's Klinger character in M*A*S*H. What could be better cover for a comeback than turning the Weiner into the legitimate business owner of Tony Packos?


I tell you, it’s pure genius. Maybe I’ll quit my moonlighting job over at the National Archives and see if I can get a political consulting gig with the Newt. I understand he’s got a few openings.