Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let’s Talk Baseball: Terrible Ted At the Plate, Weiner’s On Deck & Michelle Obama In the Dugout

Lady M was already smarting a bit by Secretary of the USDA,Tom Vilsack’s, rather dismissive, even derisive dumping of her “Pizza Wheel of Life” Food Icon in favor of the one he paid $2 million for:

gerard's food plate

Then Jewel, a loyal and regular contributor over at American Digest found an even simpler version that she linked to:

Jewel-food plate

And NOW, Lady M is all, like, getting her LaVaughn up, because nobody’s even talking about her Pizza Wheel, and everybody else thinks they’ve got a better idea than Tommy Sack’s 2 XXL dollar food plate.

So I probably didn’t pick the appropriate moment to run the Motor City Madman’s recommended version by her. Ted Nugent, world famous rock star and hunter thought even the simplified version could be simpler:

MOTUS-Jewel-food plate copyTed “Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak” Nugent’s recommended Food Plate icon. 

I HOPE this is the end of the Food-Themed Plate Icon disputes. We’ve got a lot to accomplish in the next 18 months and we’re going to need every single fruit, nut and Barry  we’ve got in order to WTF (Win The Future).

Speaking of nuts and berries, if you were wondering why Anthony Weiner pulled out of his speaking gig at this weekend’s Wisconsin Democratic Convention at the last minute, it was due to the results of my “Which Tony’s Bologna Would You Buy?” poll from a few days ago.

The results confirmed that, in the opinion of the voters, Representative Weiner comes up a little short. After 2,260,000 votes were cast, Tony the Tiger pulled out the victory beating Tony Soprano by 50,000 votes and whipping Tony Weiner by a whopping 900,000 votes. Talk about spanking the monkey!

Confirming the poll results, American Idol judge Randy Jackson said he could tell from the git-go that Tony the Tiger was “in it to win it”, and JLo said that Triple T (Tony the Tiger) was the only candidate who showed up with “the whole package.” Steven Tyler added, “Well, hellfire, save matches, f*** a duck and see what hatches!” (Translation: That kid with the deep voice sang extremely well).

Butt I digress: our busy day on Friday included the spring organic garden of versus harvest which was, oddly, closed to all press other than that strange woman who runs the Big White Food Blog. Lady M greeted the children rounded up for the harvest:

huggsHave you noticed how we’re changing up our optics for these events? WTF!

said a few words, and then proceeded with the harvest:

First lady Michelle Obama tends the White House garden in Washington, Friday, June 3, 2011, with a group of children as part of the "Let's Move!"I sure don’t think that corn looks ready to harvest yet

Then, as a special treat, Big Guy arrives back at the Big White from his trip to Toledo (more on that tomorrow) where he bought Lady M some garden gloves at Fred’s Hardware

garden gloves fred's pro hardware

And presented them to Lady M when he landed


…as usual, a day late and a dollar short, since we were done with the spring harvest by then. Probably because we skipped the Rhubarb Dance this year.

Then we got cleaned up because if it’s June, 2011, it must be Presidential campaign season, right? And our day was not over yet.

It was on to our last commencement address of the season: the carefully selected graduation of just 35 students in Quantico, VA. Why waste Lady M’s considerable speaking skills on so few graduates, you ask? Did I not mention that it is campaign season? And the graduation was at the Qunatico Marine Base, where the Middle/High school graduation of children of service members was held last evening? 

racially mixed groupGraduation at Quantico Middle/High School, where they even have Caucasians of European heritage to pose with

Butt it looks like we still needed our doobie face on in order to to get through this.

sharing words of wisdom

So after a like, “congratulations kidz”, and “I feel your pain because our family once suffered from separation too when I was, like, a Senators wife” Lady M gave them all the thumbs up; an international symbol for her “Let’s Moove those fat behinds” and called it a night.

thumbs upNow that I look at the size of that thumb, I don’t think those new garden mittens Big Guy picked up are going to fit. 


She said Friday she had some inkling of the upheaval that military families feel from her husband's time in the Senate and on the campaign trail.

"We missed each other. We had misunderstandings, which is easy to do when you're only in touch through e-mail or phone calls," she said. "Sometimes our frustration that we weren't with each other would become frustration with each other.from Marine Corps Times

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