Sunday, May 29, 2011

Updated Answer to Yesterday’s Polish Joke:


UPDATED with video of backstage preparations for the National Memorial Day Concert tonight!

Here they are. All of the responses to yesterday’s riddle: “How many terms does it take the Obama administration to screw democracy?”

It was somewhat of a trick question, in that it’s not really a Polish joke, and there are multiple answers.

Here are the responses submitted by you, my faithful commenters (I think I got them all, let me know if I’ve missed any late entries):

Portia Elizabeth: Half of one, so far.

Pat AZ: As many as we will let him have. He will go on and on and on.

MathMom:  1/24th of one term.  
March 2009. That's when he fired the CEO of GM… 

Sowsear: His minions screwed (democracy) before he started when they gave him the primaries, the nomination, and the election. He's just working out the details now.

Janice: Terms?!?!  Terms!?!?  We don't need no stinking terms!!!!

Sowsear even suggested a couple of additional questions to ask of the enigma wrapped in a conundrum:

"How many KMA days does it take to make a week?"

“How many devils are sitting on BO's Pinhead?

These are all excellent answers (and questions), and in the spirit of relativism, none of them are wrong. In fact here are a handful of additional acceptable responses that would win a gold star:

“Democracy is so over rated.”

“That’s a coded question, why are you such a racist?”

“Who cares? When illegal aliens living on park benches can vote 10 times we’ve already screwed the pooch.”

“How about we replace democracy with a representative constitutional republic?”

“One term. And 300 Czars to seize your assets for redistribution to the people working to “get out the vote.”

And while all of these answers are great, I’ll have to say that Janice came closest to the correct answer  with her response “Terms?!?!  Terms!?!?  We don't need no stinking terms!!!!” as the correct answer does address the precise terms that are needed to completely destroy our democratic republic. I’ve counted 16 so far, butt I’m sure there are more. Let me know and I’ll add them in.

Here are the current terms, so you can be on the lookout (all linkies):

“Hope and Change”

“American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”


“Cap and Trade”

“Net Neutrality”


“Green Energy”

“Educate to Innovate”

“Tax (the rich) Policy”

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

“Ethics Pledge Waivers”


“Auto Bailout”

“Organizing for Amerika”


Butt if you’re forced to be more concise, here is the simple two term summary:

 “Propaganda, WTF!?!”



PS: It’s time for PBS to get refunded, so they’ll be hosting a patriotic concert this evening  for those of us who still believe in America. It should be good, despite the source:


Watch the full episode. See more National Memorial Day Concert.