Thursday, June 2, 2011

Michelle Obama’s New Food Icon: We Get to the Meat of the Matter

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Later this morning Lady M (bona fide fashion icon) will be bringing her iconerosity to your dinner table. She’ll be joining Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to unveil the new “food icon” that is replacing the old: “MyPyramid” 


which replaced the original “Food Pyramid”




which in turn was the government’s attempt at replacing common sense. So far, all of the government funded “what to eat” recommendations from the USDA have proved to be incorrect – especially that one funded by cereal makers and grain producers encouraging everyone to eat more carbohydrates. They’re grrrrr-eat!


Butt this time we’re feeling lucky.

I think it’s somewhat unfortunate that Secretary Vilsack will be joining Lady M for today’s very important paid political announcement. I think we’ve had altogether too many “sacks” in the headlines lately, and just HOPE this doesn’t throw the photo op off topic.

And I’m sorry I can’t give you a sneak preview of the actual “icon” because we’re keeping it under tight wraps – like it was some kind of super-secret government weapon or birth certificate or something. Come to think of it, we don’t even protect them this well. Still, I’m surprised some weiner hasn’t already tweeted it out.

I can tell you that it will be a huge improvement over the previous MyPyramid that people found confusing to the point of being unhelpful.

The second version ( was widely criticized for being difficult to read. "The last graphic was awful because it was so hard to understand"…

Imagine that! A government agency that can’t even make simple nutritional recommendations clear. Butt don’t worry, we do much better with large, complicated things. Say, like, the entire healthcare industry.

Anyway, I can tell you that the new food icon will be a "simple, plate-shaped symbol, sliced into wedges for the basic food groups and half-filled with fruits and vegetables."  That was Lady M’s idea: the round shape, sliced into wedges part.

This was Lady M’s first proposal - and personal lifestyle food icon. I’ve been told that the USDA did not accept  the Pizza Wheel of Life verbatim, but did retained it’s shape:

MO's Pizza Wheel of Life copy

Like King Arthur’s Round Table, it is totally non-judgmental: all slices are equal. Although, just like in real life, some slices are more equal than others.

Here are Lady M’s personal 9 essential food groups. I don’t think any of them made the final cut, butt we did stick with the original concept: round.

cheetos-1 slice copy     Cheetos


bacon slice-1 copy






dom slice copy    Dom


fois gras slice copy

foie gras





ice cream slice copy     ice cream


lobster slice copy






pizza slice copy    Pizza


truffle organic slice copy

Truffles, two ways

truffle-confection slice copy


The new icon is part of a comprehensive nutrition communication initiative that was created under the rubric of the 2010 report from the White House Child Obesity Task Force, which called for simple, actionable advice to equip consumers with information to help them make healthy food choices.

And this is exactly where Lady M comes in. She’ll be using her former experience in the healthcare industry (patient dumping, University of Chicago 2006-08) and iconery (2009-present) to develop a massive, coordinated health strategy for America. It starts with you eating only what “we” think is healthy and culminates with us telling you whether you will be allowed to keep eating it, or maybe just take the pain pill instead.

Support for Lady M’s healthy eating initiative is spreading like poison ivy. Just yesterday we signed up another supporter in the “Take the Tasty Food off Your Fat Kid’s Lunch Tray” initiative:

Maybe you received the tweet announcing it #@RepWeiner: “Anthony Weiner: Weining!”


weiner's wagon copy

Congressman Weiner introduces the concept of downsizing  portion sizes in his a new compact package.


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Tony the Tiger

ban the weiners copy

Tony the Weiner


Tony Soprano