Friday, June 3, 2011

It Might Be Time to Stick Your Head in the Sand

After turning out our $2 million dinner plate at the Department of Agriculture yesterday, (Wow! even Big Guy’s fundraisers can’t charge that much!)

9656934-largeYour tax dollars at work

in our summery, stripey topped frock


we had to prepare for our next big event: this year’s Architectural Award Ceremonies.

We didn’t really want to go, butt since it was the Pritzker Prize, and we’ve been the recipient of the Chicago based Pritzker family’s largesse in the past we felt obliged. This year’s award went to Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura whose work embodies a style that, in Big Guy’s own words, is as “effortless as it is beautiful.”

Boy, I’ll say, at least the effortless part:

 pritzkerPhoto Paula Rego Museum in Cascais Portugal by Eduardo Souto de Moura. Credit Luis Ferreira AlvesPaula Rego Museum in Cascais, Portugal, by Eduardo Souto de Moura. Credit: Luis Ferreira Alves

I’m no architectural expert or anything, butt the winning entry’s minimalist style reminds me more of a child’s sand castle than an architectural jewel. 


In his remarks, Big Guy confessed to once harboring dreams of becoming an architect himself. He had to drop out though, when he found out you had to take math. As he told the crowd:

"I expected to be more creative than I turned out, so I turned to politics instead,"

Heh. As if there’s no creativity in politics! Big Guy has been displaying his creative tendencies since he was sworn in. Take the economy for example; he’s found creative ways month after month to report bad news cleverly disguised as unexpectedly good news.

Butt unfortunately, even he’s getting tapped out now and this week’s reports are starting to emerge in their unvarnished state. And as you see by the looks on his and Lady M’s face, it isn’t pretty any more:


p3       p4


p5Containment system alert!

p6 Sheesh! They look like Pat and Dick Nixon. (Sorry, I know I promised no more weiner jokes.)

Here are a few of the random bits of this week’s economic news: Fewest number of jobs created in last 8 months (66% lower than expected). Housing starts down (again). Housing prices down (again.) Consumer confidence down (again). Unemployment rate, up (again).  No wonder the sour faces.

It’s as if the R-words drove the economy off the cliff in an American made 4-wheel drive vehicle:


Big Guy’s team came in to clean up the mess:

Screenshot Studio capture #088

Only to get swept out to sea in a tsunami (initiated by Bush)


that’s now threatening our very existence.


Watch out for that incoming wave! Talk about building sand castles in the air.

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