Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Perils of Identity Theft: Do You Know Where Your Weiner is?

OMG! If Congressman Anthony Weiner can get hacked, is anybody safe?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Weiner-gate by now. Doug Ross tracks the complete timeline and Iowahawk summarizes:

The Weinergate facts, as we so far know them: on May 28, @RepWeiner, the verified Twitter account of US Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), posted a tweet of a y.frog photo of a slightly-built white male straining to pitch a pup tent in a pair of grey Hanes Underoos. Within seconds, Congressman Weiner arrived at the scene of the cybercrime and instantly recognized it as the work of a hacker who had simultaneously broken into his Twitter, Facebook and y.frog accounts. Working quickly, and without regard to his own safety, Congressman Weiner used his elite law school-honed internet security coding skills to wrest back control of his accounts, delete the offending tweet and photo, as well as unfollow a Seattle coed to whom it was sent. His Twitter perimeter once again secured, the intrepid Congressmen sent out a new tweet explaining how he was victimized by an Internet criminal mastermind.

Anthony-WeinerApparently a big mouth isn’t his only problem

Butt do you see a pattern?  First, someone stole Big Guy’s original Birth Certificate, then someone released an (alleged) forgery - which may or may not constitute identity theft. Then someone unleashed the use of the AOTUS to duplicate Big Guy’s signature and embarrass him by using the wrong date in the Queen’s book.


Could this all be related to the hacking of the conservative blog sites a couple of weeks ago? Is this something bigger and more insidious that partisan pranking? Could this be an Al Qaeda plot? A trial run for snatching identities of political personalities at will  to use them for nefarious purposes?

weinergate-tpcPhoto cred: People’s Cube

And now I understand it’s worse than I thought: in addition to his twitter and Facebook accounts, someone hacked into the Weiner’s Blackberry as well, and took the picture of his weiner! Thankfully it does not appear that anyone has hacked into Mrs. Weiner’s accounts so far. I’m not sure who would want to steal the identity of Humma Weiner anyway. Butt I tell you, other than her, no one is safe from the terrorists. Maybe it is time to sign up with Life Lock.

Butt enough of those problems. Big Guy had a busy Memorial Day weekend after returning home from Europe to bravely review devastated Joplin, MO,


Deliver some comforting words, and register some presidential emotion:

appropriate reaction:

i didn't do it

inappropriate reaction:

college green dublinOh wait, this one’s from Dublin. You know, after the Guinness.






Also in Joplin – and I know this was a special request, butt even so – a rather strange autograph session. I’m just worried about how this might be used later in the campaign.

 your'e kidding

Maybe next time we can just take the AOTUS along to perform these duties.


Then back to D.C. for yesterday’s Memorial Day services (no, not the golf game): After practicing in Europe, Big Guy performed the traditional Arlington Cemetery service at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

p053011ps-0468“To those of you who mourn the loss of a loved one today, my heart breaks goes out to you.” Whatever.

Lady M came too! To make guests like WWII hero Bob Dole and his wife Elizabeth feel welcomed. Despite Bob Dole being a well known spokesperson for the weiner pill Viagra, I’ve been advised that he is not considered a person of interest in the Weinergate investigation.

dole2Bob, Elizabeth and MO: can you tell which of these 3 has had the most cosmetic surgery? I’m just asking.

For the honor ceremony, Lady M chose one of her favorite form fitting royal blue sheath dresses


Which was lovely, and was still appropriate, sans pearls, for later in the day when we were at the pool,

Screenshot Studio capture #087

while Big Guy was on the golf course. For his 70th Presidential round and the 9th weekend in a row. I think this may be another historical first. Woo hoo!